7 Social Media Content Ideas to Delight Customers

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For creating a successful brand, it is very necessary to take care of the audience’s interest. Big brands consult a web development company in India to provide better services to their audience. Over the years, content marketing has changed completely. Now, content marketing is not just about following a niche but also about knowing what the audience is interested in.

Given below are 7 points that will help you to create better content for your audience:


  • Post your new blog on your Instagram Stories.

Try to shift your customers towards your blog by putting the blog URL in your Instagram Story. Put the Story using the “Swipe up to see more” fashion. This will make it look attractive and easier for your followers to visit your blog as they don’t have to close the Instagram to visit your website.


  • Conduct a poll on Instagram.

Using Instagram Stories is amazing for audience engagement. Hosting a poll on your Story is an interactive thanks to getting your followers involved in making content choices for you.

Asking questions in polls can be helpful to get content ideas. For ex. you can ask people what they want to see in the next post. Give your audience a couple of choices to choose from and make sure that the content they are picking is related to your niche. It should be easy for you to create content in that niche. Alternatively, you’ll use polls as an opportunity to prove credibility.


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  • Create and share website content on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms that ever existed on the web. Facebook is not only good for posting videos and posts but for many other things as well. Although those are the site’s bread and butter, you’ll do such a lot more with Facebook to interact with different audiences than those you’d find on, say, Instagram or Reddit.

Blog content is additionally a sensible idea to post long-form content you already own, resulting in a lift in lead generation.


  • On LinkedIn, post articles/stats about your industry.

While other social platforms can boast brand personality, you’ll leverage LinkedIn because of the tool for meaning business. Statistical is amazing data and people loved to read them as they are short, simple, and relatable.


  • Highlight milestones of your company on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the platform that is centered on professional growth.

Whether colleagues get promoted, just celebrated a birthday, or spoke at an occasion, this shows others, like competition or job seekers that you simply care about employee achievements.


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  • Create graphics for Instagram and Facebook.

People love the graphical content on Facebook as it is different from the content people usually see.

For instance, Canva may be a visual company, so posting content on platforms like visual-heavy Instagram is fairly typical, but Facebook is often used for stunning visuals, as well:

Plus, graphics are popular as an engaging form of content across all platforms. This is because they’re easy to understand and more digestible by followers.


  • Use the times to your advantage

You can use the calendar quite you think that, as an example, National Dog Day is often a celebration of your colleagues’ favorite furry friends on Instagram Stories. The first step of initiating brand awareness knows what we have and how it can be used.

Creating fun content for the audience should be taken as a duty and must happen on regular basis and not like an activity that happens on only special occasions. With proper planning and understanding of target audiences, it is often a cool thanks to interacting with those you would not otherwise.


Provided points are 100% practical and can be used for attracting the audience through social platforms. These strategies can also be used for spreading brand awareness. Consulting a company that provides web development services in India can also be very useful.

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