6 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try in 2021

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Media campaigns are capable of providing great results to brands. Brands have now started consulting a web development company in India to get amazing social media campaigns that can provide great results. Well, not every brand is big enough to consult a company for that purpose. There few ideas that can help a brand in its initial level as well.


Given below are 6 social media campaign ideas that you can try in 2021.


  • Build social proof

One of the most benefits of social media marketing is that you simply can build social proof online. Your online reputation is one of the foremost important aspects of your brand. On social media, you’ll personify your brand and speak to your customers.

To build social proof, you would possibly start a hashtag for users to submit testimonials. This can help in letting people know about the quality of your product and services without making it sound promotional activity.


  • Showcase happy customers

The best people to market your brand are your current customers. Using social media, you’ll showcase happy customers and their stories by liking or sharing posts of them using your product or service.

You can encourage customers to share photos of them with your product and make a hashtag to market it.


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  • Host contests

People love winning free stuff and getting discounts which are why content is such an effective social media campaign idea.

Hosting a contest on social media is superb thanks to driving engagement, traffic, and makes brand awareness.

You can run several different types of contests including asking followers to tag a lover within the comments, answer an issue within the comments, or send a photograph of themselves with your product or service.


  • Encourage betrothal with polls

Who doesn’t love an honest poll when you’re scrolling through your social media feed? I vote in every poll I see. I’m even tempted to choose those that do not apply to me although I try not because I do not want to ruin the numbers.

Polls cannot only increase your engagement with the audience but can also help you to know about your audience.

If you’re running a social media campaign or any campaign for that matter, you ought to consider adding a poll to your social accounts.


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  • Go live

According to a survey made on 1000 people, 80% of people said they would prefer to watch a live video from a brand rather than reading a blog.

Try hosting a live stream, lecture your customers in real-time, or asking and answering questions. This will assist you to connect with your audience in a way that personifies your brand.


  • Repurpose high-performing content

Every time you run a social media campaign, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. You can use old content that has performed well within the past.

You can repurpose that content for social media. Create a video for IGTV and writing its summary can also be very useful.

Old content can boost your social media presence and can be used to create successful campaigns.


Provided points are 100% practical and can provide great results when used with the right strategies. If brands are unable to use these ideas on their own then consulting a company that provides web development services in India can be helpful.

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