Safety Measures to Adopt to Secure the WordPress Blog

For WordPress Blog security, many web developers prefer installing security plug-ins. But is that enough? Even after installing so many plugins, if you’re lacking security measures on elementary grounds then your website is vulnerable to cyber hackers. So for this post, we have shortlisted some measures to be taken care of on elementary grounds in order to protect your website.

1. The first measure you can adopt for top-notch security is to keep your WordPress Website up to date. As soon as there is any new update, try to keep your WordPress website up to date. There is no doubt that the website built on, or is operated upon the older version of WordPress, is more prone to web hacking. There is no doubt that the older versions of WordPress have some or other security issues. These security issues can easily be used to hack your website as it is vulnerable because of its unsecured older version.

2. As the administrator, you should be very particular when it comes to setting the username. Don’t go with the default “admin” because it is very common. Using this username, you actually are making things a lot easier for cyber attackers and hackers. They don’t have to make any efforts in guessing the username. Therefore the users have to carefully plan the username for accessing the website.

3. Another thing to consider regarding security grounds is to update the themes and plugins to the latest version for your blog section. These latest versions are added with new features and the older security issues are also addressed. Therefore it is necessary to keep the latest version of the plugins and themes.


4. Many a time a third party plug-in forms the core of vulnerability for WordPress Websites. The cyber attackers can easily manipulate with the cod-lings and have access to your website. With the gained access, they can even inject the malicious script to the website as well.


5. Another substantial security measure you can adopt is to download the plug-in and the themes from the trusted sources. Yes, it is very significant to download these themes and plug-ins from reliable and authentic sources. Often nulled themes or the unauthentic and non-reliable sources of themes and plug-ins have malware in their codes. If you already have the security plug-in installed, you will get the notification but as the leading web development company in India, it is suggested to not to take the risk. Therefore be very particular in avoiding any unknown sources when it comes to downloading themes and plug-ins.


6. Always choose a strong password for your WordPress account. This is quite obvious but it is overlooked most of the time. There are many tools available that can help you with it. Always go for the password with capital letters, number, small case letters, and with special characters as well. You should have a password made of this combination which is so hard to guess or crack.

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