Responsive Web Design “The Future Of Growing Digital Era”

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In the growing age of digitization not only PCs, mobile but also every digital gadget like tablets, digital watches, etc. are adopting responsive design technologies.

Well, we are not unaware of the increasingly growing internet usage over the last few years. According to the Morgan Stanley report, mobile usage is expected to match desktop usage in upcoming years. Even with this compelling clue, the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile-friendly. It’s the grand business opportunity that your clients and users can browse your website with any device like mobile, pc, tablets, etc. So make it understand how Responsive Designs are different from mobile templates.

The basic differences are –

Mobile templates require you to have completely one another mobile-website or a subdomain. mobile templates are website specific not built to fit each screen size.

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Instead of this, Responsive designs are built for only one website that is fit to adapt all screen sizes.

According to a recent search, there are many unquestionable reasons for the mobiles to adopt responsive web design.

Hike in mobile usage

It need not be proven that mobile usage is increasing with a boom. 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. The usage of mobile devices continues to grow, even on the globe, 80% of mobile users are browsing from smartphones more than the pc or system users. Every time the user visits your website and if responses are slower than it is becoming a business opportunity to your competitor. So the websites should be more mobile-friendly.

Trends in online shopping

Online shopping is taking a place of addiction to every consumer. How convenient it is to shop from anywhere? Do you get the meaning of anywhere? yes whether you are traveling, watching tv, sitting on a sofa comfortably, and looking for your favorites. If your services aren’t user-friendly then you are missing an opportunity to participate in a competition of digital marketing.

Actively participating in the social media marketing or blogging

Social media marketing users are increasingly browsing and sharing links from smartphone devices. More than 55% of internet users are browsing and sharing links of social media, Facebook, Google plus, tweeter, and different apps from mobile devices that are increasing data traffic. Get responsive, if you want to Plan a social media marketing strategy and advantage sharing.

Positive and better user experience

For providing a better user experience to your websites, no more wait to load an entire website, no more scrolling, zooming to see the content of the site. Responsive web design improves brand perception, and boost website conversions.

In future adapt to multiple device sizes

Everyone wants to browse from anywhere, and it’s not necessary to have systems at each place. So making your device to fit on every size of the screen. Like every gadget get responsive to all web designs. We are not only talking about today, think about the future technologies google glass, smartwatches or many other devices to browse the internet. Responsive design and development will work for them.

Further, it is useful in improving SEO ranking, to make one site easier to manage and increase r.o.i and many more.

So what are you waiting for, go and get responsive?

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