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Javascript Games

Games are a great way to keep yourself and your visitors occupied on your site. If you’re searching for a game for your web development then you have come to the right place. Javascript and browsers are becoming more comprehensive and powerful. This is the time where every game needs a flash. This article will take you to look at some breathtaking game challenge.

Most of the time, these types of games are used to make interactive, responsive elements for the web, and to enhance the user experience. We’ve picked some dazzling and popular games from the top list to share with you that will help in developing your website. Without getting delay so let’s pay attention to amazing games that are given below.


It is a fun web-based platform game that is one of the best javascript games. It is a challenging platformer with deluxe fun music and designs. Jump over pits, dodge spikes, and toggle between dimensions to complete all 25 levels. You will be surprised to know that this game also offers a cool editor level that allows you to build your own levels. Navigate yourself through 25 brain testing levels in this hand-crafted and fast-paced platformer.

Everyone’s sky

It is a fun online simulation game that has become very popular now these days. It is an asteroids space shooter created for the JS13K competition. It is an amazing game that can attract more traffic on your website and it also offers an adventure experience. You can choose it to make allies, complete missions peacefully, and to attack everything that comes in your way.

Create allies by studying other planets, makes enemies by attacking them, ignoring their communications, defend yourself against pirate groups and planetary defenses and destroying their facilities. It controls keys are space key, arrow keys, enter key and other respective keys.


It is a fast-paced arcade space-shooter. One of the great online challenge games that are full of fun and enjoyment. It is a stick-shooter and twin “in 256 shades of brown”. While figuring out how to restore power to fix system failures, you must defend yourself from predators. Play this highly addictive-shooter and enjoy its haunting music. It is an astonishing game where players run in a destroyed lab and their goal is to find terminals, kill the spider enemies and reboot the systems.

This game is amazing with its great sound, good pixelated graphics, and lighting effects. It is a demanding game because it runs smoothly.

Super Chrono portal maker

It is a puzzle game with time travel and portals which is made for JS13K games 2016 in 13kb. Basically, it is a super Mario fan-game in which you have to collect the coins in each level after that get to the flagpole. It offers 30 levels of the run and jumps actions. With every new level of super Chrono portal maker, you will face more and more game mechanics and it lets you enjoy more fun to play. You can also make your own levels and can share it with others through its level builder.


This game is great to test and develop your thinking skills. In this platformer, you need to drag the cable around the power nodes and then plug it into the socket, and remember don’t touch the blades. By using isolators you can cross the other cables. It is a fun and challenging game that saves automatically that lets you play from the last played level. This game allows you to play multiple times without losing your progress. It a great time covering the game but it is a quite difficult game.

Off The Line

It is a reaction-time game created for the JS13K competition. In this game, your goal is to clear the screen of all the yellow dots by clicking at the right moment. It has 3 game modes and lots of challenges. This is a deluxe game with 20 stages. Grab all the coins by finding a great time to jump from line to line before you run out of lives. It has very simple concepts and quite difficult to master.


It is a visually dazzling super realistic aircraft game. It’s an amazing game in which you have to collect the tokens as many as you can from the planets. You have to stay on track, dodge asteroids and obstacles. It challenges you to collect coins to spend them to upgrade your ship. It is a less challenging game until gravity drives your ship.

Just remember you have to avoid all the obstacles that will come into your way otherwise you may lose the game. Get ready to have to control an epic aircraft knitted with features and weapons. Select the race that is most suited to you and create different ships and send out your fighters to destroy enemies.

Systems offline

It is an amazing puzzle game that will stick you to the broken space station. Your goal is to fix the escape and systems before your oxygen runs out. This game has three difficult and challenging levels. It offers colorblind mode and you can only play it through the touchpad or mouse. This game is great to spend your hours on your PC or mobile phone. This game has inverted control options in its menu and additional difficulty settings. You’re going to love this game.

1024 moves

It is a puzzle game that can be solved in 1024 movements. It is a three-dimensional cube puzzle game. If you want to test your problem-solving skills then this polished puzzle game is perfect for you to play. You will get the challenge of moving the cube by a tile grid and reach the endpoint. Move different objects and avoid the holes to complete all the levels in less than 1024 movements. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the tiles.

These are the great javascript games in under 13kb of code. So, which javascript game you like among them? Keep in touch with us to get more details.

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