9 Outdated Web Design Trends to Avoid in 2021

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Businesses these days outsource web design work to get the best and unique design for their business websites. A website should be fast and SEO friendly for sure, but there are many other things to consider.

What if unknowingly you are putting some elements in your website those are outdated?

Given below are nine (9) outdated design trends that you must not use in your website.


  1. Sidebars

Users these days prefer a clean website. Gone are the days when sidebars used to be one of the standards to follow. Now, they are just an element which occupies space or distract from the main content.

  1. Endless Scrolling

A user won’t like to scroll on a website endlessly even if the content is great. As so many alternatives are available on the web, why someone would spend time on your website? A good infographic is enough to provide more than enough information.

  1. Floating Elements

Floating elements and other similar animations are not just outdated and distracting but useless too. They have no use. With so many better designing options available these days, using floating elements will be an act of stupidity.

  1. Complicated Backgrounds

The background image should match the color scheme of the website. And, should be able to enhance the experience of a user. If it is not doing that, it’s just a distracting element of a website.

  1. Pop-Ups

Pops-Ups are the most hated thing on the Internet. Although they are not very distracting and neither useless all the time but of no use either. Nobody expects for a pop-up while exploring a website.

  1. Heavy Design

Designing is not putting every found element on a website. Simple websites are easy to access. Moreover, putting every found element on a website will make it heavy and distracting.

  1. Unclear Fonts

If a user cannot read what’s written on your website, it is of no use. It is not necessary to use the weirdest fonts to get attention. Simple text can do the job as well if they are put nicely on a website.

  1. Too Many Different Fonts

Using a different font for each element of a website is not a good thing. It makes a website look very sloppy and annoying. Using more than two (2) fonts is a distracting thing and should be avoided.

  1. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are amazing when it comes to grabbing user attention. And must be used for advertisement. The same thing can stop a user from focusing on where you want them to focus.

When you consult a good web development company in India, you do not have to think about these elements. Make sure your website is not distracting your user. Otherwise, even after good services and products, you will be left behind.

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