On-Demand Beauty Services App Development – Cost & Features

Everyone wants to look stunning. Right? This is the reason why people invest so much of money to enhance their appearance which has, in turn, resulted into a huge demand for beauty services. So, if you looking forward to investing in an on-demand beauty service app development then it’s defiantly a good idea. However, it is important to consider some crucial points associated with the process to assure success.

In this post, we will sum up the important features of the on-demand beauty service app to cater for the user needs and generate leads for every given business model.

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The user panel

Registration – This is the basic section of your mobile application where the user will land on. Here, they will be allowed to sign in with the help of email or social networking account credentials.

Choosing a stylist or salon – Under this section, the user can select any of the options –
Under the first option, the user will be allowed to select a professional beautician and will be allowed to send a request.

In the second case, the user will be allowed to select a particular salon. According to the request, the stylist will be assigned to the user.

View services feature – The user will be allowed to view the services offered by his chosen beautician and forward them a request as per his needs.

Scheduling services feature – This feature will allow the user to send a request to the chosen beautician or the salon owners.

Appointment booking – This feature will allow the user to assign an appointment date to the beauty service provider. They can also set the time and the hour desirable for the makeup and styling activities.

Integrated payment gateway – An integrated payment gateway system will allow the users to make an online payment to their concerned beautician or salon owner through multiple sources which include debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.

Review and rating feature – This feature will allow the users to go through the reviews and ratings of a particular beauty service provider. This will allow them to ascertain the quality of service provided by a particular beauty service provider before proceeding with the appointment.

View subscription packages – This section will allow the users to check the beauty packages of the services rendered by the beauty service providers which includes hair styling, manicure and pedicure, facial and cleaning, anti-aging treatment and more.

Real-time chatting – This feature permits the user to chat with the owner of the saloon or the stylists in the saloon. The user can discuss with the beautician regarding the packages, combo prices, beauty treatment etc.

The Saloon holder panel

Register: The owner of the saloon can register from here with the support of his credentials.

Request list: The owner can check the number of users who have requested, their requested services and timings from this list.

Service supervision: The owner can manage all the services, manage the catalog concerning services. He can add or delete any service from the service list or the catalog and modify the changes.

Stylist arrangement: The owner can schedule the stylist according to the request of the user.

Individual Beautician Panel

Register: Any stylist of the saloon can register from here by applying their email id and password.

Request lists: The stylist can view the requests he or she have got any type of service asked from them.

Scheduling User requests: The stylist can agree to, discard or re-plan the user’s request and his services. The stylist can re-schedule the services to complete the necessities of the customer (user).

Catalog arrangement: The stylist can manage a catalog in which different styles, tips, and tricks concerning beauty can be listed to attract the customers.

The Admin Panel

Management section: This feature will permit the admin to manage user, stylist, and beauty salons etc. all of those who are in regulation with the app will be managed by the admin.

Report card: This feature will permit the admin to display a report of the beautician or beauty salon on the basis of requests made, requests accepted and performance liked by the user.

Payment execution: In this section, the user can manage and uphold all the details concerned with the payment and transaction.

App advertising and selling: This section will allow the admin to promote the app through banners, marketing content, ads etc.

Advance features

Social Media assimilation:

At present, users mostly like to share images on the social media platform. This feature will allow users to share their experience and beautician’s skills on the web.


This feature will permit the beauticians and saloons to promote their products and the users can buy them from the respected beauticians and saloons.

At the end, it is important to assure that you hire an experienced and skilled android app development company for the task of your android app development. So that you can assure quality output for the money invested by you.

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