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Mind mapping is a great way to give visual representation to your ideas. It can help you to understand your thoughts and encourages brainstorming better. Group brainstorming sessions mind mapping tools come with integrated collaboration tools. Mind mapping tools can help individuals as well as companies to give structure to their thoughts. It is a capable, visual-manifestation of note-taking that helps in giving the way to opening the capability of the designer’s mind.

Most of the tools require preparation with notes and pens, the mind mapping tools allow designers to brainstorm ideas using mobile and computer photos. It is one of the easiest tools to visualize ideas and issues. We’ve listed some must use mind mapping tools for better web design. These tools will help to pre-plan your designs with complete structural plans on how you want to proceed with your project. So, with getting a delay, let’s have a look at the mind mapping tools.


It is a brainstorming and mind mapping software that was developed by XMind Ltd. this software is great to be used to clarify thinking, capture ideas, promote team collaboration and can also manage complex information. XMind supports fishbone diagrams, mind maps, organization charts, tree diagrams, spreadsheets and a lot more.

Commonly, it is used for meeting minutes, knowledge management, GTD, and task management. It can export the mind maps into PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, Mindjet MindManager, and Freemind documents. With Xmind, you can create mind maps to facilitate communication, visualize information and can also manage projects.


It allows you to visualize, present and share your thoughts via the cloud. It was launched by meisterlabs GmbH in 2007, has more than 7 million users. It allows visualizing information in mind maps utilizing user modeling while providing tools to coordinate task management, facilitate real-time collaboration and create presentations.

By utilizing cloud storage, you can share updates in mind maps in real-time with other users across mobile apps and browsers. It allows you to edit and share mind maps, leave feedback and comment, attach images, videos, files, and links to internal as well as external sources, via embedded URLs.


It is an online tool for creating and sharing flowcharts and mind maps. There’s nothing to install or download, it works online in a browser. It is very simple to visualize your ideas with coogle, whether you’re takings brainstorming, notes, planning, or doing something more creative. Easily to share with as many people as you like. Produce adorable notes easily and quickly.


It is a mind mapping tool that is a web-based proprietary platform. It is used to allow you to collaborate on revising, drawing and sharing diagrams and charts. It does not need any updates of third party software. It runs on browsers that support HTML5. It is your solution for cross-platform collaboration and visual communication.

It creates professional process maps, flowcharts, org charts, ER diagrams and UML models using import features or templates. It offers features such as visual workspaces, collaborative and data visualization tools.


It is an online collaborative outlining software, concept mapping, and mind mapping for visualizing and organizing information. It offers basic service for free while charging for advanced features. Its free version has three mind map limits and disables premium features like PDF, audio/video upload, excel and powerpoint download, password protection.

Registered users of mindomo can create and collaborate real-time on mind maps, while other users can only view the shared maps. It provides ways to create mind map assignments and presentations. You can use this software from any standard browser.


It is a simple and elegant visual workspace that bundles in many tools including wireframes, flowcharts, mind mapping and sticky notes. You will get access to separate boards to use all the tools. It allows you to share complex information in a clear and simple form.

Miro mind map

It is a visual tool for structuring thoughts that can be used on an individual and team basis. It is a free default tool that allows you to place images, videos, and other visuals, to support and expand your ideas. It provides a great balance of function and simplicity for ringing your ideas to life.

It helps you to get any visual tasks done, such as agile planning, story mapping, visual project management or design iteration. It offers an easy and quick way to capture and organize your thoughts for better idea generation and brainstorming.


Bring your thoughts to life with this great mind mapping tool gliffy. Visualize your ideas quickly and share them with this mind mapping tool. It can be used to create any kind of diagrams like data flow diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, or even organizational charts. It great for every size of a team even individuals can also use it. It is one of the great tools that every designer should have. It is great to build an informative flowchart. Anyone can integrate it with Jira and confluence to further improve collaboration, productivity, and documentation.


It is great to create and present your thoughts, brainstorming, boost your productivity and organize your ideas. It is one of the innovative online mind mapping software. It has lots of features that designers can utilize easily. It will help you to inspire your creativity, brainstorming, enable visualization of ideas, provoke innovation, stimulate thinking, manage information overload and present information in an amazing visual format. iMindQ has a free version that offers the opening of sample maps only and fully featured.


It is the world leader in cross-platform mind mapping software. Analyze your ideas and structure them with this great mind mapping tool. Use it from your android, mac, windows, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It turns quickly your computer into an idea-collection, brainstorming and thought structuring device. It is a great feature-packed cross-platform mind mapping tool. Over 8million of users are using this tool. They get support for different file types, including voice memos, images, and videos.

These are the great mind mapping tools that you should use. So, which mind mapping tool among them you like most? Stay in touch to get more utilizing tools for your site.

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