Latest Web Designing Trends For 2020

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The internet has changed and grown a lot in the past years. As exciting as all new technologies have been, where we feel and see these changes in trends of web designing. For the past years, they have pushed towards abandoning grids, rampant creativity, and traditional stock photos for illustrations, vibrant, asymmetrical and bold color schemes. Technological advancements have led to sites becoming more advanced and smart, with subtle interactions and machine learning, and those shifting paradigms have driven trends.

Most web design companies are gearing up with their marketing plans for the same. If the website is unable to keep up with the latest trends of web design as well as digital marketing, a marketing plan can never be complete. Web designers have strange relationships with design trends. Everything from typography to white space, layouts to colors, and everything in between, no design element has been left out of the possible trends of web designing. We’ve collected some top web designing trends that you can use in 2020, let’s have a look at them.

Broken Grids

You can improve the visibility of your website by placing elements in organized chaos and challenging the systematic layout of a website. This helps the website to look creative, which in turn helps to attract more audience. A broken grid layout on a website does not challenge grids always.

Bold And Large Lettering

The typography is trending plify theretoward an oversized font with a bold format. This will help you to sim design and pay the attention of the audience to the website. It is also likely to have a higher associated recall, encouraging more repeat visits. To make a lasting impression on the visitors, use bold and large lettering which can become the main design element in 2020. It helps in giving personality to the texts, and due to its clean readability, it is becoming more popular.

Customized Images

You can get your web designing company to create customized and unique images if you want to set a statement to your website, which is significantly relevant for your brand. As desired by you these adorable images will give your brand a certain character. It helps in giving your brand awareness a great boost and this identity is likely to stick with the customers. This will definitely help you in enhancing your business performance.

Animated Backgrounds

These have been already popular from past years, but now they have reached the next level and have included the usage of video background. These are useful in many projects, especially in videos where audio is the primary feature. As compared to a video background, a static background seems lifeless. You can also gain from the benefit of imparting a lot more information about your product to the audience, by using this format.

Parallax Design

One of the advanced features where background image moves past the camera more slowly than foreground images, adding to the sense of immersion in the virtual experience and creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene. This technique used in traditional animation and grew out of the multiplane camera technique. It is one web design trend that refuses to go away. It’s an effect used most prominently in video games.

It is slowly getting introduced to web design as well. These designs were popularized in video games and 2D computer graphics. To better engage users and improve the overall experience that a website provides, as prominent use parallax backgrounds as a tool.

Split Content

You will have the facility to simultaneously present more than one idea or message for your audience by using the split content mode for designing your website. This design keeps growing in popularity due to its high effectiveness. It helps the messages to get across with amazing clarity. It also makes the website look organized and neat, increasing its appeal. You can go through this trend to take your website’s design to the next level.

Concealed Navigation

This design element is amazing and useful as it gives the website a minimalistic look and also helps you save space. It allows the other elements to have an impact and makes the website look less cluttered. The various menus are tucked away at all other times and appear only when required.

The menus disappear once the destination page has been selected and can be present for navigation with one click. You can use this design element to make your website look more attractive that will help yours in gathering more traffic.

Voice User Interface

One of the great tools that allow users to use voice commands to interact with a VUI enabled website. The interface has been added to automobiles, computer operating systems, home automation systems, home appliances like microwave ovens, washing machines and television remote controls.

They are the primary way of interacting with virtual assistants on smart speakers and smartphones. This is a functional element more than a design element but is definitely trending and will be very useful for all, especially for the physically handicapped persons.

Full-Screen Contact Forms

A contact form that covers the entire screen is also a likely trend for the next year. This goes very well with the theme of enlarged and bold typography. This also eases the process of submission and has been successfully implemented in video games.

Usage Of 3D Design Elements

It can be actively used for developing greater interest for the brand and engaging the audience. 3D graphics have proven themselves in the film and gaming industries and now are all set to take over the web designs as well.


They play an important role in user usability and engagement. They are used on clickable elements like navigation and buttons. Interactions are delightful moments your users have while using the product. They support error prevention, convey system status, and also communicate the brand. You can use this design element to make your website look more attractive.

These are the latest web designing trends that will help you in engaging more and more audience to your website. Feel free to ask any questions through your comments.

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