Know the Best Tools to use in Achieving Good Code Quality

Quality is one thing that is appreciated the most in every industry. As an offshore web design company in India, we also believe in rendering the same to our customers. A well-developed web app or software is backed by quality codes. There are so many reasons that a business needs a web app or software programmed with quality codes. For something as elementary as easy to understand and easy to maintain to something quintessential like effective performance and easy demonstration along with the transfer of information, quality code is very vital. Now the question arises for many web developers is how to achieve good quality codes.

There are many tools and extensions that can be used in achieving a better quality code. These tools ensure coding is standard and is in its required style. The good thing is these tools also offer the web developers some valuable suggestions that can be incorporated for potential refactoring code or method. Here are some of these popular tools:

  1. SonarQube:

This is quite a popular tool which is used by the top web development company in India for determining and analysing the source code quality. The core language of the code is Java but it can be used in the analysis of different programming languages as well. The tool helps in keeping a close check on the application health. It helps web developers in detecting new issues. Even the trickiest t of issues like logic errors, null-point dereferences, etc can be detected with the help of his tool.

  1. ReSharper

This tool is quite prominent in letting the developers understand whether their code can be developed or not and immediately recommend some quick fixes. This is quite a significant tool as it automatically tells you if there is an issue with the coding. Suggesting the quick fixes for these issues, it has become quite a preferred tool by many web developers in India.

  1. SonarLint

This is a featured open source extension of the Interactive Development Environment. While writing the codes, these tools help the developers in detecting the issuers and fixing them at the same time. This ensures that the codes are well checked and fixed before commitment. The IDE extension is famed for its bug detection and for instant feedback. Like the spell checker in Microsoft word, the issues or mistakes in codes are instantly detected and reported.

  1. StyleCop

This tool is focused on code consistency. This tool administers the developers to incorporate the standard rules and norms to maintain the consistency in coding. The style of coding has a direct impact on its readability and predictability which can be ascended with this open source static tool. The tool primarily aims at analysing the C# source codes and ensuring that is in compliance with the recommended coding of the tool. Without the modification of the project, the developers and programmers can easily analyse any of the project opened in Visual Studio.

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