5 Key Metrics Every Business Should Track

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Every business wants to make a profit and in doing so they adopt various measures like consulting a web design company in India. Profit is not just about the revue you are generating but also about observing how much you are spending. Many businesses are at loss even after earning revenues in million because they did not justify the cost of production. It is very necessary to look at several aspects in order to make a profit from a business.


Given below are 5 key metrics every business should track in order to make a profit:


  • Revenue Growth

Revenue is the number of sales you generate by selling your product minus the cost of returned or undeliverable items. It’s the key metric every business uses to measure its financial performance. Earning the highest amount of revenue possible is ideal, but the metric that’s more indicative of your business’s financial performance is year-over-year revenue growth.


  • Average Variable Costs

Variable cost is the total amount that is spent over the labor and material for the production of products. The lower your variable costs. Variable costs are directly proportional to the number of products sold. In other words, the more products you sell the higher will be the variable costs.


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  • Break-Even Point

Your business’s break-even point is the quantity of product you must sell so that your total revenue equals your total costs. Knowing your break-even point is crucial because it serves as the minimum goal your business should try to achieve to not lose money during a specific period.


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  • Cost of Goods Sold

Your business’ cost of goods sold is the cost of acquiring or making the products you sold during a certain period, like material, manufacturing, and labor costs. They can also be understood as the cost of doing business and sales.


Tracking your cost of goods sold, or COGS is important because they directly affect your business’s bottom line.


  • Gross Profit Margin

Gross profits are the amount that we get after subtracting the cost of production from the total revenue we generated through the business. In the process, manufacturing, labor cost, transportations cost, and other expenses are also included.


Provided points are 100% practical and can be helpful in tracking the profit a company is generating in the most efficient way. To increase the revenue of your company you must take help of technological advancement. For more help, consulting a company that provides web design services in India can be really effective.

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