How Digital Marketing Is Changing Marketing Game At Ground Level

Digital Marketing

This is a new-age marketing era for different kinds of business houses. The marketing aspects of the business have shifted from conventional methods of marketing to the new digital zone which is fast, cheap and convenient making maximum customer reach. While looking 10 years back the conventional methods of marketing were newspapers, billboards, posters, and hoardings which were expensive. But now in the new digital era, the same has been fused with the digital marketing aspects of the business and more effective marketing campaigns are carried out. The new methods of digital marketing are email marketing, marketing through social media campaigns, telecalling, marketing through mobile applications and different modes of marketing.

In business with the changing needs of the market each day everyone is coming with a new marketing strategy that works and makes different models of marketing. The digital marketing zone is constantly growing and according to the demand, innovations are introducing in the market.

Following digital marketing strategies proved to be game-changing –

1. Making challenges and tasks for the campaign on social media – there are unique types of challenges and tasks that people have to perform and nominate others to do the same. These challenges and tasks are closely associated with the marketing campaign which in turn, directly and indirectly, spreads awareness of the product. In the case of movies, this is a popular method of marketing which in turn makes the audience eager to go to cinema halls to see movies.

2. Collaborating with social media influencers – the effective strategy to promote a brand on social media is to Collaborating with famous public personalities who have a big amount of following. In 2019 it is the most effective strategy for marketing on the internet. Not only on social media, but there are also many digital content creators which make content on different digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Collaboration can prove to be a game-changer where the different creators have their target audience with which they directly connect and they may influence the audience to purchase the target product.

3. Refer and earn –The refer and earn is not new but it is an equally effective strategy where customers are advised to refer to the specific product to his connection and he will earn rewards. Now in the case of mobile application, this strategy is getting more popular day by day. The user is offered to refer the application to his friends through the link and upon the new download, the user will be rewarded equally. This facility is now available in almost every mobile application as a mode of self-promotion by the company. The companies make such programs to add new customers.

4. Creating a business account on social media for product promotion – different business houses at different levels creates a business account where they don’t have to approach other creators/influencers for brand promotions. Having a business account means having a digital presence on the platform and that can be used as a mode to create a customer base on the different platforms. Different business houses create their digital handles where they directly connect with potential customers. These digital handles act as a method to connect directly with the customers and it is used to receive feedback from the customers. In many cases, this strategy created a positive image of the company in the public.

5. Promotional video – the promotional videos are not a new concept but in which way it is being used is a very innovative method of promotion. The company makes promotional videos which in turn is used at different places to make a direct impact on customers. In the case of YouTube, there will be ads playing at the start and end of the video which is used as an effective tool of promotion companies makes interactive promotional videos that directly coordinate with the subconscious mind of the target audience and the customer may get influenced. The promotional video can be made in collaboration with public personalities or different types of creative ways. The object of the promotional video is to influence the choice of target customers in the most positive ways.

6. Digital coupons and vouchers – the company as a marketing tool use coupons and vouchers to promote the brand and increase the sales of the company. The digital vouchers are made available to the public which gives them a specific amount of discount on shopping from the websites of the company. The company through its digital channels and different mediums offers these vouchers to its target audience and from time to time to retain the customers these are used. The concept of coupons is not new but digital coupon proves to be an effective way to increase online sales of the company besides physical stores. The companies on different occasions offer these coupons to their target audience.

7. Holding events with digital creators – the method of brand promotion is to hold events with famous digital stars and stream that event to a famous digital platform. Now in the case, Amazon Prime Video makes and collaborates on such promotional events, in the case of Bollywood movie GullyBoy an event was hosted by producers and it was made available on the Amazon Prime Video. As a result, the movie was a big hit and recently it was nominated for Academy Awards 2020.

Digital marketing is the new age concept providing an advantage to both business houses and customers. Each day there is a new business synergy that allows the flow of ideas and as a result, a new strategy is developed. The Internet has provided a platform to the business houses to make innovative and effective promotional strategies which to some extent contribute to society also. The companies allow its marketing department to innovate and as a result, these methods of marketing are available in the market. Hence it can be said that digital marketing is changing the marketing game at ground level and proves to be a trendsetter.

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