8 Google Shopping Ad Strategies That Will Drive Sales

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When products appear on google shopping ads, there are high chances that people will buy them if they are well optimized. Consulting a web development company in India can be very helpful for your brand for getting more traffics.

Given below are 5 points that you can use to get more sales in Google shopping ads. These points are used by popular brands and always provide better results.

  • Create customized campaigns using negative keywords

Multiple campaigns can be divided into high, medium, and low priority. It’s a good strategy to use several campaigns, each targeting a different search result. To do this, you’ll need to create a list of negative keywords for which you want your products to show up.

  • Consider your pricing

When you put an ad in Google shopping ads, your product competes with many similar products and brands for the same keyword result. And that’s why it is very important to concern about the price of a product. The price of a product plays a vital role in the purchasing decision of a customer. That is why it is very important to keep the price of the product affordable to increase sales.

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  • A/B test your campaigns

While implementing new changes or creating a new strategy for a marketing campaign it is very important to A/B test first. Google shopping ads allow you to try many customization options like testing different ad groups, priority settings, bids, or negative keywords. Plus, you can also test which of your product group pages are more likely to convert.

  • Optimize your product pages

Although Google shopping ad is quite easy to use and does not require any specific technical knowledge still, to use it properly you should know basic SEO so that you can target a more specific audience. This will signal Google for what keywords you want your products to show up for. To do this use keywords in your product title, page title, meta description, image alt text, and product description.

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  • Build a Similar Audiences list

A list of similar audiences is quite similar to the list of your existing customer. This means that they will have similar behavior as your customers and it will be easy to manipulate them and know what their next move will be. Google Shopping ad allows you to create campaigns that will help you to find engaged, and loyal customers.

Provided points are very easy to implement and do not require any advanced knowledge of technical things. If for some reason you are not able to implement these points then consult a web development company in India.

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