8 Ways to Get Genuine and Real Followers on Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the best platforms to get engagement on the website. Brands consult Web Design Company in India to get strategy for their Pinterest account. But creating an account on Pinterest is not enough to get engagement on the website. Without well-planned strategies, it is impossible to get good results.


Most important thing is to get real followers that will not only consume your content but will also share them on different platforms.


Given below are 8 strategies that can help you to get real followers on Pinterest.


  1. Focus on a specific audience

You should focus your Pinterest marketing strategy even if you are getting sales and traffic. You’ll find that as you narrow your target, the better you’ll be able to create content that resonates with them. Identifying your niche will be easier for you to expand your reach once your content is consumed, shared, and recognized.


  1. Post original images

84% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy which means you must position yourself in front of them by creating original content for your brand. Always post original infographics, graphics, or photos that convey your brand’s message. Additionally, when you do re-pin, make sure you’re re-pinning content that aligns well with your brand.


  1. Use keywords and hashtags

Pinterest users typically find brands through hashtags and searches, so you must include both in your descriptions and images. According to Pinterest’s hashtag help page, if you have a business account on Pinterest then adding hashtags to your organic content can help distribute your content. It is a good practice to use not more than 20 hashtags in a pin.


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  1. Include relevant keywords in your Pinterest name, too

Pinterest marketing is not just about the shareability of content but also about the individual posts but also discoverability. You’ll want to position your brand in front of Pinterest users who are searching for your content. By including a couple of relevant keywords into your Pinterest name, your account is more likely to show up for interested searchers.


  1. Be active and engaged on Pinterest

Like any social media site, Pinterest favors active accounts. This includes ensuring you pin regularly, manually pin others’ pins, and follow other boards. Plan your Pinterest activity by creating a social media calendar and focus on your publishing strategies.


  1. Follow other users

If someone is following your competitor who is providing similar content as your, can be your target as a potential customer. Take some time to research competitors and follow their followers if your content is up-to-par, they’ll more than likely follow you back.


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  1. Add a Pinterest button on your website

You can easily see a growth n your Pinterest account after placing a Pinterest follow button in an email newsletter or on your website. Since people that are coming to your site, or those who have to subscribe to your newsletters, are already the people that are interested in your products and services.


  1. A/B test your pins to see what works

By trying different things on your audience, you can know what your audience wants and how you can improve your campaigns.


Here’s what you do with your content/pins on Pinterest:

  • Alternate headlines for your pin title
  • Alternate thumbnail images for your pin
  • Alternate post copy for your pin’s description


Provided points are 100% practical and can be used to get 100% real followers on Pinterest. Consulting a company that provides web design services in India can also be very helpful for your brand.

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