6 Free Web Development Tools

Web development is a growing field and if you want to work in one of the best web development company in India, then you must know about a few things already. The technology has provided us with enough frameworks to work on but few remain the topmost priority of web developers.

A web developer should only choose frameworks and tools that are easy to learn and adapt. It should support all major elements and must be in demand. What if you find such frameworks or tools that are free as well?

Given below are 6 website development tools 2021 that are easy to understand, widely popular, and free to use.


  1. Angular.Js
Web Development Company in India
Web Development Company in India
  • AngularJS provide features of Data Binding, Controller, and Plain JavaScript.
  • AngularJS provides Directives, Reusable Components, and Localization for creating very important Components.
  • Angular.Js provides features like Deep Linking, Form Validation, and Server Communication.
  • Angular.Js has a built-in Testability.


  1. Sass
Web Development Services in India
Web Development Services in India
  • Provides facility to manage big Stylesheets.
  • It supports multiple inheritances.
  • It has features like Nesting, Variables, Loops, Arguments, and many others.
  • It supports CSS.
  • It provides community support.


  1. Grunt
Outsource web development India
Outsource web development India
  • It provides various plugins.
  • It provides automation support.
  • Grunt plugins can be made using NPM.
  • It is easy to install.


  1. TypeScript
offshore web development services
offshore web development services
  • TypeScript codes can be run in Node.js and in any JavaScript engine that supports ECMAScript 3.
  • TypeScript supports the latest and evolving JavaScript features.
  • TypeScript can be used to define interfaces between the software components.


  1. JQuery
web development outsourcing company
web development outsourcing company
  • JQuery forms APIs that makes tasks of Ajax and animation simpler. That API can be run in any browser.
  • JQuery is very small in size.
  • JQuery can be used as an AMD Module.


  1. Bootstrap
offshore web development services
offshore web development services
  • Bootstrap has the features of Sass variables.
  • Bootstrap provides a responsive grid system.
  • Bootstrap has huge pre-built components.
  • It provides powerful plugins built on JQuery.

Knowledge of above-given website development tools will help you to get a job. Not only you will be able to provide the best web development services in India but also will be able to work with other components of web development.

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