7 Free Online Font Generators for Web Design

Working in a web design company in India is a lot of fun as one gets to use his creativity and imagination. Well, the first impression is the last impression, and therefore, it is necessary to take care of the attractive elements of a website. Fonts are among the best thing that can save your time to make a website attractive.

If you are working in a company that provides web design services in India, then the following websites can help you a lot.


Given below are 7 free online font generator websites that can be used for web designing purposes.


Glowtxt is a very useful online font generator that allows you to get some text written as a PNG image or a GIF. Using it is also quite easy; select the style, font size, background, and that’s it.

It shows you a preview of your design, and once you are satisfied with it, you can download it with just one click.


Of all the font generator websites, this one is my favorite. One can find fonts that were used in any movie, series, or brand with ease. It is also very simple to use; write your text, select the font, and it will generate the result.

You can download the generated result as a PNG image or as a code to embed on websites and blogs. And there’s much more on this website. Highly recommended.


Cool Text is quite easy to use text generator website. Just select the font, input text, select effects, and download it as a PNG or an HTML Code. It is a good website to create simple yet eye-catching logos. The website has 1958 free fonts, enough to help you survive your whole career.


Online Text Generator is a good website to try different fonts. It provides you with the features to generate 3D text, Bubble text, Calligraphy text, cartoon text, tattoo text, and many others.

Once a text is generated it can be downloaded as a PNG image file or HTML code.


Have you ever seen Facebook and Instagram profiles with weird texts? Instagram Fonts will let you create a profile in those weird texts with ease. Although, they can’t be used for professional reasons but can be used for creativity.

The best part is that you can also allow users to generate their fantasy fonts.


Font Generator is another amazing font generator website with 492 fonts and 24 categories. Write your text, select font, and that’s it. You can change text color, text background, and font size. Once that is done, the image can be downloaded as PNG, JPG, and GIF or can be printed on paper.

It also allows you to download your text in a 3D model.


Flaming Text offers you more than 1000 fonts and designs that can be used to create animations, logos, and texts. It is easy to use like other websites. Just write your text, select font, and download it either as an image or an HTML code. You can also edit its color, background, shadow, and other stuff.


Provided websites are just amazing and can provide great results when used creatively. Many companies outsource web design work and hire freelancers to create logos and fonts. These websites can save time, effort, and money.

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