Everything We Know About The Upcoming Low Cost ‘iPhone 9’

As certainly as the buds turn into flowers, Apple will declare the new iPhones this season. As per the rumors and supposed leaks approaching the web world regularly, three new iPhones are expected. We are expecting 5.8-inch iPhone X, a larger version iPhone X Plus, and 6.1-inch iPhone. The last one will probably appear to be a breakout hit. There is lots of debate going on whether this new entry-level iPhone would be named as iPhone 9 or not.

There is an advancement and flexibility seen in web development services India . Even Apple has made many technological improvements. Right now, there is gossip among the tech people that new iPhone with 6.1 inch screen will most likely have extra features than iPhone X and iPhone 8.

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There are chances of having a notch

Just like iPhone X, a TrueDepth camera scheme can be seen in the new entry-level iPhone 9. Thus, it is clear that face ID will be doubtlessly supported by the phone. For face ID and Animoji, it is necessary to have a TrueDepth camera with all the components from flood illuminator to selfie camera. Rumors reveal that these parts will not be trimmed by Apple. In short, the notch is going to stay here for a pretty long time.

Colors like blue and orange will take place

It seems people are bored of space gray, rose gold, silver, gold… A red tint was given to iPhone 8 and 8 plus by Apple. Hence, estimations are made that this year the model will splash out in more colorful varieties. There is some buzz going on the streets that the latest iPhone will come in orange, red, blue, white and grey shades. It was iPhone 5C which came out as blue or orange the last time. Blue and orange colored iPods are released before also by the company.

Materials used for design

There are stainless steel frame and fortified glass back on iPhone X. According to the report flashing on the internet, the new entry-level iPhone will be encompassing lighter and cheaper aluminum for the frame. However, the new entry-level iPhone and iPhone X must be similar at least in looking. Maybe, the September month will disclose the differences which are kept with respect to the material.

All about prices

According to the predictions made in the market, it is expected that the new entry-level iPhone would cost near about 650$ to 750$. However, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus has a starting price of about 700$ and 800$ which is high in comparison. It seems that to make this new iPhone affordable for many users and boost a new cycle in raising the sales, Apple can low down the prices of the new iPhone. In short, the new version of iPhone with 6.1-inch screen will certainly come out in cheaper cost.

Positively, there will be better performance and battery life seen in these new phones. Doubtlessly, an upgraded chip set will be featured in these new phones. Most probably, features such as water resistant and wireless charging technology will come in an improved and enhanced manner in these new phones.

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