Cost and Features of Weight Management App Development

The workout is an essential need of the body. If you work too hard and don’t get a little exercise for your body than it isn’t hard to tell that your body will start deforming into a plump and you will magnetically attract diseases towards you. This is the reason why a lot of android app development companies develop a weight management app to work on. People who don’t have time for their regular workout use apps like these to take whatever time they have and work over their bodies. Some of the android app development services help for the growth and maintenance of the applications.

Benefits of Weight Management App

The app is valuable for the most part since you can set your objectives, keep up your activity records and get motivated in a flash. There are numerous explanations behind which a weight reduction application can be utilized. The most vital thing is that you have to set your eating routine arrangement, design the workouts and do your best to receive an advantage in return. Subsequently, you will require a flexible and beneficial application which turns out to be helpful for your weight reduction. Most importantly, you will start leading an optimistic life with managed schedules. You will soon come into shape and feel hale and hearty.

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So things you need to work on while developing a weight management apps are as follows:

  1. Sign In: All the users who use the app must sign in to the app or register using their mail id or phone number or just using their social media account, to keep a check on cloud storage.
  2. User Profile: A fitness app wouldn’t work so well if it cannot calculate the BMI of a body or cannot tell about the accurate weight a person needs. How much does he have fat or how skinny the person is? So for all these things the user should be able to edit and update the user profile to keep a check on his BMI and fitness index.
  3. Social media integration: Of course! In this era of boasting about everything if a person won’t boast about his good health, what else can he boast about?
  4. Device Sync: Using Bluetooth, GPS, and motion sensors, your app should sync with other devices like tablets and wearable gadgets like apple watch or a Fitbit wristband. Multi-device sync facility will help a user to retrieve data from any device when needed. In addition to tablets and wristbands, this app should communicate with personal computers and laptops as well.
  5. Option to set various tasks: Instead of regular tasks the user can set goals for the future and make a mark on the daily routine.
  6. Preset exercise, meal-plan: When the user fills in the details of his workout session, the app will make another practice session and some game plans. These workout sessions help by showing the perfect way to do an exercise.
  7. Task log tracking: This feature allows the user to track their daily activity records.
  8. Experience of fitness tracking: This feature allows users to take exercises at their homes itself under the supervision of a personal trainer.
  9. E-commerce choices: The user can buy products related to fitness exercises and daily workouts from the app owner. This feature can increase the business scale of the app owner. The app owner can display varieties of products and user can view them via the app.
  10. Geo-location incorporation: The record of the number of hours the user slept, number of steps he walked, his exercise routine etc everything will be kept in this integrated feature.
  11. Payment options: Most probably, all the features will be charged less in the fitness app for the users. But, there can be certain features for which user will have to pay monthly income in order to enjoy the features.
  12. Push notification: With the help of this feature, the user can get a report card of all his daily, monthly, and annual workouts. He can share his report card on social media also.
  13. Dashboard: All the live sessions and chat sessions held between clients and user can be arranged and managed by the client. All the queries made by the user, orders placed by the user etc can be listed and managed by the client through this dashboard.
  14. Account management: All the past payments, account balance etc can be managed and viewed by the client through this section.
  15. Review and Report: Reviews made by the user, the reports generated on the experience of the user with the client etc can be viewed from this section.
  16. Advertisement tool: The owner of the app can use this feature to promote his app and do marketing to grow his business.Many other additional features can be also incorporated such as chatting with fitness trainers, live sessions, and trainers giving more knowledge about fitness world. The app can have a music playlist also where the users can hear the popular workout songs of their interest. The app can also provide lectures given by nutritionist and dieticians which the user can watch, and hear. The users can explain their problems and get their answers from health and body trainers in one of the section of the app. These all function will be completely positive and constructive for the users and even will be fruitful for the business of app holder.Across the world, there are ample amount of apps which in one or the other way prove to be beneficial for the users. Lots of people are in the need of a correct system through which they can maintain their weight and keep their body fit and flexible. A well-developed app and well-enhanced app will definitely prove to be appealing for any user.

If you want to develop an app, you can easily complete the development in about $1500 minimum and you can get it done by maximum up to $3000 dollars.

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