Cost and Features of Online Medicines Delivery

In this era, A single android application development company creating many applications on daily basis. If you consider creating an online medicine delivery app, you can be amongst the pioneers of this industry. There are not many apps which allows you for an incredible service such as online medications. According to a recent survey, the pharmacy and online retail of medication industry will reach around $26,000,000,000 USD. If it is hard to read and understand, yes you have read it right 26 billion US dollars.

The application has some basic domains to be built upon. Such applications need cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, CRM etc. to fuel their engines and provide the best available app.

Here are some tips on how your user panel can be:

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Sign in /Sign up:

This is the basic demand for any application as the app will a lot a cloud space for the user to create and update his or her profile for any further use.

Search Medicines:

Convenience is the key, and if a user can search for medications they want easily the app is supposed to go great.

Add to Cart

The desired medication can be added to cart and later checked out if and when the user is willing to do so.

Upload Prescriptions

This is a major point, as medication cannot be provided to anyone with some sheer information until they have a doctor’s prescription.

Experts opinion

If the user has some health issues they can easily contact the experts available online with the help of the app.

Fitness Help

Tips and tricks for a perfect body can be provided online.


Different companies charge differently for the same salts, so a user can compare and purchase the best medication at the cheapest price.

Track your order

Once ordered a medication, a customer can keep a track of the medicines.

Return Policy

Returning can be done under several circumstances if the user isn’t happy with the product, or the medicines are out of date etc.Notification of the delivery, any new offers, payment etc. can be sent to the customer via notification

If a user refers the app to someone the user can get some reward points and redeem them in the app.

Payment Gateway

For successful payment of medicines and premium user profile.

If you want to create this app for just a single platform, either Android or iOS, this app may cost you between $10 to $15 thousand dollars, But an app for each platform will raise the price to double and you will have to pay up to $30 thousand USD.

Facts showing the features of admin panel:


The admin can check out total list of incoming requests. He can administer all the provisions for meeting the awaiting request along with the delivery dates.

Marketing Tools:

Admin can manage and take care of all the activities related to ad and promotion, email templates, etc.


Admin will be able to manage entire purchases within the app, subscription packages and transaction related with charges within the app.

Handle Payment System:

The admin can check and manage the entire list of payments and payment mode made by the customers within the app. The admin can take out his commission and transfer the payment to the individual storekeepers.

Handle Users and Aggregators:

The admin must manage the requests and other things related with customers which are registered with the app. The admin must also manage the details regarding the manufacturers.

Supervise Notification:

The admin will manage and redirect all the notifications, updates, products present in the cart, the accessibility details of the product etc to the customers.


In order to make fruitful and wise business decisions, all the aspects such as customer acquisition, retention rates, offers, medicinal category, health products, and reports concerning a number of orders incarcerated, areas with maximum deliveries etc can be mingled together in the form of a chart or a diagram.

Facts Showing the Features of Store Panel:


The store owners can also login with the help of their email account or other credentials just like the admin and user.

Administer Information:

The store owner can manage the details related to the contact information of the customer, the products the customer wishes and services which the customer asks for.

Record and Manage the Products:

The dealer can make a list of all the products according to their comfort. All the product listing and their associated catalog will be managed by the respective store.

Manage Product Information:

All the information with respect to the product must be managed by the admin. The details correlated with a product like chemical ingredients, nutritional benefits, profitability due to product etc must be managed.

Display of Homogeneous Products:

The storekeeper can show all the products on the basis of customer search. This will permit the customer to select the product as desired.

Manage the Rates:

The store owner can manage the charges of the products which are kept on display. He can reduce or raise the prices according to the rules of the market.

Check Out the Rating and Reviews:

With this feature, the store manager can see the rating and reviews given by the customers for the products they have bought.

Order Execution:

All the orders will be incarcerated and managed by the store manager. As per this data, the provision will be made to meet the needs of the customers.

Manage Delivery and Shipment:

The storekeeper can manage all the deliveries. The shipment parties which are linked with the store are exclusively responsible for making the deliveries depending on the delivery location.

In-App Interaction:

There can be communication between customers and store owners concerning the health products in the event of any query.

Manage Concessions:

The service provider can manage the details regarding the coupon codes, discounts, and offers etc to fetch the attention of the customer.

On the basis of a number of aspects raised, number of hours invested, enlargement platform and location of app development etc. the cost of developing an app for online mobile delivery will depend.

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