Choosing A Perfect Theme For Website- Things To Keep In Your Mind

Theme For Website

Websites77 are a great way to promote your services and products. Most users feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a theme for your website or blog. And when it comes to designing your site, you must choose a web design company. There are many paid and free themes and design company options. There are mostly every theme is best and looks better than the other.

How do you choose the perfect theme or design for your website? It is not easy to choose a theme quickly according to your requirements because there are so many options are available on the internet. It’s very important to pick a suitable theme for your website because it directly affects your overall performance of your site. Your site will determine how it will look to the customers from the font type, background color, font size and color to the widget options and margin size. There are three important things in which your decision depends:

1. Features required: the first check is the free theme that provides you with all the important features which you require for your website. The second option is the premium theme if the free one doesn’t have all the advanced features that you need. Make your decision based on your website or blog requirements.

2. Budget: how much budget you have for spending on the theme? What will be a benefit if you’re searching for those expensive themes that your wallet not allowing you? Determine your budget and then decide what will be perfectly fit with your website and also for your wallet?

3. Desire: for what desire you are creating a website. If you’re just creating it for sharing your thoughts and life experiences, then you should go with a free theme. If you’re starting it for business purpose then you’ll get the need for advanced features that every free theme companies are not provided.

Choose a perfect theme for your website by reading our technical aspects given below.

Check the browser compatibility

Did you know visitors using which browser? Since your website or blog is visible to all the users from all corners of the globe, you have no idea which browser they use. Your theme may look great in a browser that you’re using, but there might be something that looks wrong in other browsers. So check first is the theme you have selected for your website is supported by all browsers or not. You can run some basic tests to check the browser compatibility of your theme on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. also check on the different browsers on mobile phones as well.


Plugins make it possible for you to do anything with your website. While there are plenty of plugins options for your website like W3 total cache, Yoast SEO, gravity forms and many more thousands. Check is your theme supports almost all popular plugins to provide enhanced functionality and features can save you from getting into these traps. If you’re not sure about it, then ask the theme developers.


Are you sure about google understands and supports the theme you are going to choose? Your theme plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO. Some great themes can still create bad coded HTML and this may affect your performance on SEO. Your theme’s SEO friendliness should sustain in search engine ranking.

Multilingual ready

Many themes don’t allow translation and multiple languages. If you’re dealing with customers from different countries then you have to make sure that your theme is translation ready and supports multiple languages or not.

Page builder

Page builder allows you to build page layouts with the help of drag and drop user interface. Many premium themes come with pre-installed page builders. Using such a page builder to build pages landing can create much-unwanted code. These pages will need cleaning up if you ever want to switch with your theme. You should select a theme for your website that are shipping with one of the most trending page builder plugins.

Seek for simplicity

Many themes come with a wide range of layouts, colors, animations and many more. You don’t really need all that in most cases. Choose a theme that has a design layout that allows supporting your desire. The purpose of web design is to help users to find the information they require and at the same time to help website owners fulfill their desire. It is not a good theme if it does not help you to get new subscribers and your users can find information that they need.

Support option

Check is the company providing you extensive support for any trouble regarding theme. Premium themes certainly offer great support to your website through live chat, public forums, and an email ticketing system. Many free themes do not offer any support option. Make sure your theme has good support options and great documentation.

Responsive is not optional anymore

You can adjust layout across different devices and screen sizes with the help of responsive themes. Users mostly use mobile and other hand devices. Googles shows sell phone friendly sites on the top in search results, so your website should be mobile-ready and fully responsive.

Ratings and reviews

Another best way of choosing a theme is the quality of ratings and reviews of the company that are provided by their users. You will find low rating rates in free themes. If the theme is good then there will be many ratings and reviews by the customers. By reading the reviews you will get to know many things about the quality of your theme. Do not trust fake ratings and reviews that are given by themselves.

Your theme should support and complement the content of your site or blog. Your theme is the face of your website, so make a perfect decision. Stay safe from the fake theme companies and traps. Don’t forget to tell us, which theme you have chosen for your website? Through placing your comments.

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