Blogging is a New Source of Earning! How?

Every day a lot of new web development company in India are coming into being. Some of the websites are used by everyone once in a day, and some are just left abundant as now one works on it. As the number of websites is increasing so are the web developers and so is the role of bloggers. Blogging industry is blooming day in and day out. But there is a question that every blogger ask if I am blogging how will I earn money? According to a saying, time is money. And if you give your time to blogging then you must earn money in return. So here is the best job that can be offered to you with the results.

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How to earn money while blogging?

There are a number of ways where you can earn money while blogging. Let’s list it down first.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Programs
  3. Advertising or sponsorship
  4. Subscribers

Google AdSense

For all the beginner’s Google AdSense is a boon for you. Every blogger must start the journey with Google AdSense, as all you have to do is to add a prebuilt code to your blog or you can easily add it in the header of your blog. There is even an easier way to do so. All you have to do is to get your website built by Google utilizing the hosting by google plus.The main purpose to do so is to get a supply of unlimited advertising companies.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program helps you to make some money online by luring your audience towards some particular product from the vast internet. Now affiliate program helps you to link to any website and make a pact where you redirect your audience to the products of the particular website. The payment modes are different, for example,

If the viewer clicks on your link and goes to the particular website and purchases the product you will get some percentage of the seller’s price and if he wanders on the next website and purchases something else, you will still get a commission. How cool is that?

Advertising or Sponsorship

Quite like affiliate programs advertising or sponsorship for your website is a good idea. As and when the traffic of the website increases, a blogger increases his links and get in touch with more links. If you have an advertiser or a sponsor for your website, the incoming checks will increase with the traffic generated on your page. This is the plus point of getting an advertiser as you don’t have to worry about the viewer clicking on the link of the advertiser. You will still get income monthly.


Though blogging is to deliver free information to the world, if you have a big database of blogging and you are working miracles with your website, you can actually put a subscription on your website for your regular readers who love and read your content on daily basis.

Create an Online Store

For those who are art and craft blogger, they can make money by selling their artwork online. They can create an online shop and write or illustrate blogs for their online store. It is seen that lots of blog topics are not easily coupled to products. It is not that you will have to see anything but the product must fit in your blog.

Be Honest and Offer Affluent Content

You must create your own article and suggest products that you have essentially utilized happily before. Remember, honesty is the best policy and if you will offer honest reviews on any product just like a friend then you will have enhanced and healthy relations with your audience. Another thing is if you include links and images in the middle of the text of your blog then people will be more attracted towards your blog.

Share Your Discovery

Interestingly, the best part of making money lies in this paragraph. Whatever you know and you have learned so far, you should share it with your audience. This will widen the business and make it large. Other than this, you are helping people by giving them knowledge. It will not only prove to be beneficial for the growth of blogging but also make you feel good and contented.

Sell From Starting

One of the sayings which in fact suits here – It is hard to continue the work without motivation. And so if you do not sell from the first day itself, you will eventually lose the confidence. The lack of confidence will not boost or motivate you to continue further. Hence, do not wait for the increase in the number of subscribers. Just start selling from the day one and work hard.

WordPress Advertising Plugin

I will advise you to use WordPress ad management plugin which can make the work smooth. In order to insert the ads on your site with widgets and shortcodes, there is a free scheme and it is BuySellAds WordPress plugin. This will make your work easier and pretty much pleasant.

Create a WordPress Website

There are plenty of ways to earn online through blogging. One such way is to create your own WordPress website. If you don’t know the way to create it then you can even buy online. There are many websites which serve as brokers and they sell websites to the entrepreneurs. After getting the website, you can write blogs on it and start getting traffic to it. In your website, you can create certain content which is open to only certain members who pay money to you. For rest of the audience, the content can remain restricted. This will assist you in making more income.

Selling on the Website

Another way of monetization through blogging is that you can sell your own products through your website. This will aid you in money making. On your WordPress website, you can sell many things such as E-books, online courses, paid webinars etc. These are really interesting ways to make money online and grow the business to large extent.

As a final point, I would like to say that there are ample ways to make earning online via blogging and develop the business. A dedicated and hard work along with smart thinking will definitely pay you.

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