Best Open Source Platforms in Trend for Getting Website Developed

Website development is becoming more in trend. The one big reason behind this is that as the online marketing is becoming more successful day by day. This also increases the need of websites. And to provide service for website development there are a lot of open source platform that exists in the market. The increasing need of website development gives birth to these open source platform. And now is the time when we have a lot of open source platforms for getting our website developed and now this is becoming a tough task for us to select that which open source platform is best for us. And now the big task that comes in front us is that which platform is best for us and how we identify it that this is best for me.

Identifying Best Platform For Your Website:- The biggest challenge in today’s scenario’s is to identify that which thing is best for you. It is fact that when we have limited option then we have less choice and we can easily select what we want. And when the options increases for us then confusion also increases and we are unable to select that which option is best for us. So you need not to worry as we are here to help you in studying and enquired about some Open source platforms that are in trend in market for website development. Let’s have a look on some of these options. Here we are mentioning some open source platform if you like them then you can move ahead with one of these options.

  1. Node.js:- Node.js is an open source platform run time environment for developing server side web applications. Node.js makes our website faster and more efficient.
  2. AngularJS:- AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web applications. It is usually preferred when we need to develop small websites. It has much additional functionality also like it supports forms; allow us to implement form validation and DOM handling.
  3. Brackets: – Brackets is a popular open source code editor. It is used for editing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Brackets is mostly preferred by the users as it supports a live preview of browser in editor itself. This platform is trusted and appreciated by a lot of developers.
  4. Bootstrap:- Bootstrap is the trusted open source development environment. Bootstrap is a free open source development tool for fast development of responsive design. This tool has its own classes , grids, buttons ,forms ,navigation ,containers ,media queries and it also provide extension for JavaScript.
  5. Less :- Less is similar to CSS. The reason behind that why we call it similar to CSS as it is CSS pre – processor. LESS supports a lot of features that can speed up our web development.

Apart from these there are also a lot of platforms like Atom, Notepad++, XAMPP, Firebug, WAMPP, Ember.js and many more. These all tools can help developers to develop website.

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