Best JavaScript Minifying Tool for The Developers

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Minifying is a technique of removing unnecessary characters from the source code to make it look simple and sleek. The technique is known as minification and code compression.

JavaScript minifying is a tool that compresses the content into smaller tracks. However, the user loses reliability in reading content but conserve the bandwidth. JavaScript is intended mainly for the web browser not for the user. Professional web development services India and web developers get amazing benefits from the JavaScript minifying tools in consideration to execute distinct tasks successfully.

Most production websites use JavaScript minifying tools from simple online converters, comprehensive GUI tools, and command-line interfaces, there are varied options for it.

Here we will present the best JavaScript tools which will help you to remove unwanted white space, comments, newline characters, etc. in this process the source code will become confusion-free. It improves website performance and its load time.


How did minification work?

The fine way to check out what happens with the code when you minify it, have a look at the Uglify.JS Github Repository. Following are the transformations performed to make the code shorter:

  • Removes unnecessary white space
  • Use a single character to shorten the variable names
  • Converts arrays into objects (where possible)
  • Joins consecutive var declaration
  • Optimize if statement
  • Calculate simple constant expression etc.

Java minification tools

These tools can be categorized into 3 categories:

  1. Online tools– it is a matter of pasting the code and copying results immediately. The nice thing about the online tools is its speed with which you can work.
  • is a powerful tool with an API.
  • Online YUI compressor- it is a powerful tool that also uses YUI compressor with lots of CSS minification capabilities to make the code neat.
  • is no frill minified.
  • is a simple but usable option.
  1. GUI tools– it contains a lot of functionality, JS minification is just a small part of what they do.
  • Koala is a free tool for Less compilation, SAAS compilation, JS minification, etc.
  • Code-kit is a Mac-only app is a paid app that offers code compilation, minification, package management, a preview server and much more.
  • Smaller is an OS X tool that minifies files for you.

Here I have mentioned two types of GUI.

  1. Command-line tools– these are also more comprehensive and offering minification as a module.
  • Minify it is a minifying tool for those developers who want to minify JS from the command line.
  • Uglify.js
  • Gulp- as another minifying tool gulp has JS minification using Uglify.js, which will quickly remove unnecessary content.

Gulp and Grunt are easy through their documentation. The upside of command tools is an awesome amount of flexibility.

These are certain JavaScript minifying tools, if you are new to JavaScript then I suggest you use GUI tools. All tools have their pros and cons you can try any in your project.

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