Best Breathtaking Website Designs For 2020

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Taking a design decision for your website can be a difficult task. Sometimes, people are not sure what’s going on, or what direction to take their web design. Discover the most amazing web designs we found on the internet. This year has been many businesses streamlining their websites and thinking more than ever about the user experience.

Despite more commercial activity and promotions moving to social media, web design companies are still looking at ways they can use the more tailored experience of a website to catch more imaginations and user’s attention and outstandingly showcase their services and products. See these web design tools that are given below to improve your own designs. We have rounded up some best website designs that steal our attention this year.


It makes a great and sharp presentation, which is crucial since presentation software is this new company’s product. The site is even designed so that scrolling out from the landing page reveals the first screen to be the initial page in a presentation. The clay-look animation and the fun illustration complement the UX rather than slowing it down.


It knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, and many more conversions. Its site has been at the forefront of one of the major trends. The page provides an undeniably impressive overview of both the product and the brand’s aesthetic features.


What makes this website for US insurance company lemonade stand out is the great use of a conversational user interface to offer effective and innovative interaction.

The frontier within- Thorne

Interactions can make a website outstanding, and this website is designed by an active theory which is an engaging example of the possibilities out there. It is a promotional campaign for the throne which is a nutritional supplements company. It’s also a complete digital experience that produces graphics of particles and combines storytelling with biometrics.

Essentially geared wine co

It is one of the most eye-catching websites, this year feature background videos showing their services or products being used. Its choice of the video looks great and is very functional. Scroll down and the messages are backed up with colorful, bold images and texts showing each product in the range and making quick suggestions for which experience to pair each of them with.

Cities talkback – lyft

This amazing site from lyft, a US ride-hailing company, defines that sites can still aim to be about more than making easy and quick decisions. The site gives a voice to some of the immigrant drivers and tackles the timely issue of immigration in the US. it does so via a greatly navigable platform with scroll-triggered transitions and smooth hover menus.

Seriously unsweetened

It is one of the parts of the trend with its weight’s bright but clean design and earthy colors with huge amounts of white space. The website is minimalist that it does only three things. It shows you the brand’s products and tells you the brand’s story, and provides a way to get in touch.

These are some of the best breathtaking website designs. So, which website you like most?

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