Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes While Choosing CMS


Content management systems have become one of the most powerful web development tools in PHP. These CMS can be created from proprietary, scratch or open source. Content management systems are best to build and manage websites easier and faster. CMS allows you to work freely without any disturbance. There are now thousands of CMS’s floating around the websites and finding the perfect CMS is getting very difficult for web developers. Hire CMS developers for WordPress, Joomla, open-source, Drupal and many more custom design based websites. This article will discuss some mistakes that commonly users do while choosing CMS. avoid these 5 common mistakes while choosing Content management systems for your website.

1. Bigger is better: Beware of any content management system, open-source or not, that cites its huge following as reasons or benefits to use their system. Don’t be taken by the commitments of huge, helpful developers community, and all the beautiful plugins or extensions the systems already have to offer. It’s fake! Picking a CMS based on the following is an absolutely bad idea. You may choose these CMS’s is because you will see that there is a huge community of users or the amount of money behind a certain website App. when we talk about open source CMS, often you find that there is nobody tracking achievements or finding the right people to create what others want.

2. Choosing a geek-friendly CMS: it is imperative for those users building sites for customers that they remember that not every is technological savvy like you. Even if you’ve found a CMS that you like for your project and can work great with, it doesn’t matter unless you’re creating the site for yourself. It will be better for you if you choose a CMS with a simple admin interface, even if you have designed it more to meet the needs of customers.

3. Going with the little guy: always make sure that CMS you are looking for does include extensions with the functionality you will need for your project work. Do not invest until you find that it has the things that you need. Some of the best CMS’s are still developing.

4. Allowing it guy to pick the CMS: never allow an IT guy to pick your content management system. It rarely understands both friendly and a code user interface. Make sure that the CMS you choose has a great user interface is essential and will save you a lot of troubles in the long run.

5. Not doing research: always research before settling on a content management system. Check the sites and email the administrators of those sites and discuss them the pros and cons of the given CMS. keep an open mind and talk to developers. Sometimes you may find that the only way to get a module that works properly is to buy one. Other times you may find modules or extensions that will work and upon checking will find it is seriously flawed.

These are the most common mistakes you should avoid while choosing a content management system. Keep in touch with us for more information.

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