Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Web Designs Vs Templates

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Web Designs Vs Templates

The simplest, easiest, and common way to start a website would be to set up a WordPress site and apply a template. You can buy it from ThemeForest, Template Monster, or Elegant Themes. These websites provide a wide range of various types of website templates available to purchase. Not all of the themes/templates out there are 100% flexible. 

There are many outsource web design companies to help you at a considerable price. Digital marketing companies help you by reducing the burden of work even at a reasonable exchange of money. These web design services in India also provide themes and allow you to customize within the frame of the website. These can help you in getting a website quite fast and easy to access. Although, there are limitations on the options that are available for more complex features and functions.



There is one thing to consider before making a decision that templates and themes normally come with built-in features so that the user can customize but this ultimately depresses the website in terms of loading speed and performance. Probably you will have to stay temporarily with features, designs, and functions that will not necessarily fit with your work or business. A web development company can fix it. But even if the developer does not fix the site to your preferences… once an update comes up for WordPress or that theme itself.


Advantages and disadvantages of using templates


  1. Many other businesses can use the same template as you do, which means your site will not be outstanding anymore.
  1. You do not have more options on how much you can customize the site.
  1. May not it work in a proper way on all devices.
  1. Some templates are not built to be amicable for search engines. They need to be customized based on your business.
  1. As templates run on a structured system any customization or added technologies can not be possible to install.
  1. Templates are good for a low budget. There is a cheaper beforehand cost.
  1. Templates come with shorter development times.
  1. Template sites do not come with a good support system as a custom-built site.



Custom built websites imply a creative and responsible team behind your business. It approaches with a creative method and process to understand who are your targeted customers, who do you want to reach, how you want the website to perform or function and how do you want to represent your business on the internet. 

There are some rules to follow when a site is in the process of designing but not all themes may not follow all these rules. This is why custom-built websites are more superior and more capable than templates. The developer is able to make the best or most effective use of the site during creation to allow for google and other search engines to read each page to give the end-user a more relevant search result, therefore, giving custom-built sites naturally a better ranking on the system. This goes beyond keyword research.

Custom built websites incline to take longer than themes, this is because everything is built, designed, and catered to a specific business. It will save time in the long run because when it is built from starting with the most basic and adding all the details it is easier to customize the site to make sure your site does exactly how you want it to perform. Custom designs allow your site to be supportive and responsive across all devices (such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)  & browsers.


Advantages and disadvantages of custom build websites


  1. The website will have a completely unique design that will represent and incorporate the company’s branding and will be based on the needs of your business.
  1. A customized website is adaptable to your company’s needs
  1. The site is tested to work across all browsers.
  1. The site will be built to be search engine friendly.
  1. A customized website is more expensive than a template.
  1. The process to create a custom site takes longer than a template site.
  1. The site and your business will grow simultaneously. If you know how you will need your site to operate in the future, a professional web developer will install or update technologies that will work as per accordance and with those ideas.
  1. The company that builds your site will be there for your support if you need it.

It depends on your business needs and personal preferences that will influence your choice between a website template and custom web design. it is all up to you what you prefer to go with custom build we or templates, after reading this article. If you know about any other factor that will help readers in making the right choice, then feel free to share it with us in the comments section.


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