Add Structured data to your Websites with these Plugins

Before knowing how to add structured data to your websites with the WordPress plugins, it is essential to know the meaning of structured data.

What is structured data?

This is also known by another technical name “Schema Markup” which is nothing but the type of code. This code is used in the web development process which facilitates in the crawling of the website by the bots of search engines. It is also used for more effective organisation and display of website content.

In simpler terms, the primary function of structured data is to define the meaning of your content on the website. In the absence of Schema Markup, these bots can only tell what the content says, with no know-how of its relevance and significance on the website. It made their work harder and might hamper your rankings on the search engine as well.

For instance, if you’re providing the location and contact information of your business unit, humans will interpret it well. But for the search engine, it’s just another raw data that you put on your website. After using schema mark up, you are defining the search engine that it’s address and the contact info of the business unit and not just another random data. With using schema markup, you are specifying everything on your web-page.

Popular plugins to help you in adding structured data on your website:

Here are some popular WordPress plugins that help you in adding structured data on your websites:


Besides being one of the popular frameworks for web development, WordPress is famed for its plugins that add the features in websites for more dynamic functioning. One such plugin is Schema which is suitable for several types of data. As the leading outsource web design work, we suggest that this plugin is what every publisher seeks. For every type of data including articles, author profiles, blog posts, multimedia files, etc, it’s suitable for all. Also, if you think you need more the plugin also helps in marking the user reviews and even in default image setting. For a publisher, it’s nothing less than a Genie of all the plugins, you ask for it and you get it.

  • Markup

Another plugin widely used in adding structured data on the website in Markup. This is quite elementary for web developers to use it. All you have to do is to choose the type of data from its settings panel and click on it. There are different options available in data types to choose from. Some of them are the blog post, article, site navigation, etc. By clicking on them you can enable the type. You can hire the best offshore web development services for professional assistance and expertise to design a well-developed website with efficient functional features.

As per the trends, it’s all about the user-friendly experience. If your website is capable enough to render the user that, chances are you will be among the good books of Google as well. Structured data helps in this direction only. By specifying the data type to search engine, you are helping it to show the accurate results to the users. Hire the best web design company in India for the best web development services.

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