A Mini Guide To Help You Telling Your Web Designer What You Want In Your Website

Web Development

Putting into words” is not an easy task especially when you are not versed with technical jargon. As the front runner of the web development industry in India, we often have witnessed our clients finding difficult in describing what they envision and how they want their website to be. The good news is the experience has let us understand “what they dream of” and how our team of best web developers in India can transform it into reality.

But before that let’s get to understand about the different horizons of web development and designing that you can ask from the web development company in India:

Building a new website for the users that want to create a new website for their business

Updating or adding features for the website for the users seeking to enhance the functionality of the website.

Enhancing the website to boost organic traffic to the website for business websites with terrible SEO.

A website with better conversion rates for the websites with a good footfall of organic traffic but still fails to convert them into patrons.

Website Development

The first and the foremost, building the website can vary from a single page to the whole website that is driven by a database. But whichever of the two you choose make sure it’s responsive. Also while discussing with your web development company, make sure you had a very sort-after version of “what”, “who”, “why”, “where” and “how”

What is the nature of the website? Is it a blogging website or an e-commerce portal or a business website? What is the major intent behind the website?

Who are the group of audience the website is intended for? As per it, you have to define your targeted audience.

Why should the visitors opt for your website over your competitors? What’s your USP?

Where” is to define the demographics of your targeted audience.

How is your metric rate of success? For instance, for a blogging website more readership and more shares define success while for an e-commerce portal it’s the sales.

These will help you in defining the features for your website and you can convey the same to your hired web designing company in India.

Website Update

A website update isn’t just adding features or plug-ins. Instead of what, try to find the reason behind “why you need a website update”. It can be for different reasons. What’s your major reason behind it and what is that you’re seeking to accomplish with this update should be very clear. You can only then be able to convey all that you’re seeking to your hired web developers in India. They will accordingly plan the whole update program and the budget.

Improved traffic rates

A lot of it is highly driven by your SEO tactics and content. Getting visitors and getting the right visitors to your website are two different things. So, with the assistance of the professionals, you can drive the right visitors or organic traffic to your website. But before you connect with the professional web developers, consider the following things

How often do you update your website content? What enhancements or additions are you making? How are you proceeding with the website update? Are these updates boosting the footfall on the website and is relevant for your targeted audience?

Content is very significant in the digital framework. What are the prevailing strategies used for content marketing? Is it just a blog? Are these blogs relevant and informative for your targeted audience?

Which platforms are you choosing for sharing your content with your targeted audience? Are they active and responding to it? How and how often do they respond to it?

These questions will help you in finding the solutions for updating your website, your content, strategies, and tactics that can help in improving traffic rates. You can take the assistance of the best web development company in India for your content that will form the core of every SEO practice.

Improved conversion rates

Many times, business houses face the issue of fewer conversion rates in spite of improved traffic rate to the website. Conversion here is defined as the visitor acting upon what is asked in CTAs on the website. It can be Booking a tour for travel and tourism websites or availing some services for other industrial businesses and more. There are many reasons behind the lack of conversion. Bad traffic or inorganic traffic, Irrelevant and inadequate content for good traffic, no CTAs are some of the primary reasons. Start working on these and you can expect better conversions in no time.

As for telling your web designing company in India what you seek, always integrate your “what” with a “why”. If you need a new website, why to do you need it and that will help you in coming up with the ideas of accomplishing “what you want” on your new website. If you need an Update “why” do you need it. It will help you in getting through the “weak points” of the website that is hindering your business in unfolding new prospects. You can then proceed with the update in designing and content accordingly. If you need updates for improved traffic rates an conversion rates, try finding the answer to why it was lowered in the first place. They will be the key points in enhancing your website and SEO strategies accordingly.

Before asking “what”, always know the “why” behind it. We hope that this post will help you in finding “what” and “why” of web designing that you are seeking for your website from a web designing firm. It will help you in establishing a more healthy relationship with the hired company of best web developers in India and letting them understand your “goals” for your business website.

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