7 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

The only constant in this world is “change”, is a perfect saying that goes with the web development services India. With the upcoming year, the web developers need to change the strategies and the strategies and techniques which are evolving every now and then. Here is the list of the things that a developer should keep an eye on in the year 2018.

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Vue JS

One of the lightest weighted frameworks was created in 2014, which is gaining a lot of hype in the year 2018. The scope of the market for the Vue JS is incredible as it is yet not backed by any of the big companies, unlike “React” which is being used by Facebook and Google.

The original documentation of the script was in Chinese which has made VueJS be very popular in China. Companies like Nintendo, Alibaba, and Expedia are using the tech.

JavaScript improvements

A functional program is ought to tighten its grip this year. FP is going to build a base for a software on fundamental principles. Fundamental codes are much easier then OOP (Object Oriented Programming. And easier to test than any OOP. JavaScript improvement consists of some function which are.

Compatible extensions

Browser extensions are the bits of code written in some programming language. They add a few features in the web browser like making sure no ads should be displayed. Or might alter the view or content on the specific website. Over the time a lot of extensions get obsolete and then the newer extensions for updated browser comes into being. So more of the extensions will become compatible to the latest updates.

Real-time web apps

As the web development nowadays looks for user experience more than the user interface, real-time websites are gaining boom in the same field. The web apps provide a fast interaction which is the most desired functionality a user wants.

Progressive Web apps

The web apps which have the functionality and design of mobile applications can be categorized as a progressive app. The developers are working hard to provide a mobile simulated app to be experienced by an internet user.

Mobile Web Development

As the market for the cellular phone is increasing, it has begun to be an obligation over the websites to be responsive. The biggest challenge for 2018 will be to master the mobile development and making the content to be used properly used by smartphone users.

Material Design

Material design is the latest tech which will be trending in 2018. Developed by Google to attempt to combine material and motion. The google Lens is the latest application with the technology.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Among all the trends expected in 2018, chatbots and AI are showstoppers. Chatbots are basically system programs which depend on the natural language and advances of machine study. These programs help people in accomplishing some kind of work. Bots can assist in completing any work with regard to shopping, giving order for any service or finding some details. Bots offer support in Q&A form. Through this, bots assist a human-like experience.

Bots are considered as mobile app future. Many big and small companies have their bots. Many big developers created the bot constructing framework to generate the creation of bot more easy to get.

It is predicted that till 2020, the AI-based web solutions are possible to slot in voice recognition technology. This will revolutionize the technique we have the contact with the web. Hence, powering your chatbots in the upcoming years is a clever decision to run in front of your players.


The blockchain is a fast-rising technology which makes over the general idea of being the business owner. This technology is chiefly developing because of its use of a shared database that is continuously submissive. There are millions of computers which host the records of the database, which gets renewed in every few minutes. In order to demolish the blockchain, you will have to wipe out every computer system that might store the data or cut off the internet of the earth.


This latest version of PHP has made revolutionary changes and given hype in the marketplace. With the release of PHP 7, many new features, classes, functions etc have taken place. There are several benefits which PHP 7 is providing. Such as the performance level of this version is enhanced and made better. The engine of PHP 7, the work can be done two times faster than PHP 5.6. Another facet is that codebase utilizes less memory. PHP 7 holds new type declarations, execution of new type declaration, which makes code easy to read and understand.

User Behavior Tracking

Businesses today are implementing improved strategy rather than guesswork. The companies have got modern web solutions to maintain a track regarding which content is appealing to their audience and which is not. The more the company will get familiar with its customers, the more it will be able to optimize for changes. And so, there is a need for user behavior tracking.

The latest user behavior tracking tools let you know things like user clicks, mouse movement, and scrolls. The tool even records the activity of users to give out the thought of how a common user interacts with your website. You can even monitor the manner in which users communicate with your forms on your website. Several user behavior tracking tools support incorporation with CMS and e-commerce engines.

These are the latest web development trends which have been expected to hit the market in 2018. However, there are many trends coming out. There is buzz all over in the technology sector with respect to all these trends. Among these trends, there are some which will take you to potential heights in your businesses. The trends which satisfy the demands of your audience and offer better user experience will be best to choose.

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