6 Technologies of the Future (That Are A Lot Closer Than You Think)

We are moving towards the future which we were dreaming of. Technologies have created our life really easy and comfortable. Advanced technology is taking place everywhere. For example, outsource web design company  can use cloud computing to store its data without the need for physical storage. Many little elements are changing the way every industry works. Every day we come in front of a miracle which did not existed a few years ago. This was made possible by technology.

New innovations are getting better every day. People are not ready to compromise with slow and poor technologies. The virtual world is expanding and it is continuing forever.

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Following are the technologies which are going to appear in the future but still we can feel it today:

  1. Real Three dimensional Holograms

Holograms are not new; they have been surprising us in various places. Holograms are 3D virtual objects which do not exist in the real world. Still, it feels like it is actually there. It is a mixture of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). We can experience both the AR and VR these days on our smartphones or on special devices. 2D holograms have created news years ago but 3D holograms are the real future.

  1. Hyperloop Train

With all the high-speed modes of travelling available Hyperloop is another meteoric method to get from one place to another in a few hours. A capsule having a low-pressure tube system will operate this train. It is believed that it when it is fully operational, it can go at the speed of over 700 mph.

  1. 3D printed food

We cannot count the 3d printers in this list as they have been around us for a while. But 3d printed food can be the future in which we are looking for. Just like a normal 3d printer which uses raw materials to print 3d objects layer by layer, food can also be printed using this technique. Imagine eating a printed pizza. Is it yummy?

  1. Drone deliveries

It was years ago when the first drone took its first flight. Today it is being used in photography or to get to a place which might be dangerous for the humans. But this is the era of innovators and people won’t leave a chance to try something new. Here we are talking about delivering drones. They can change all the common delivering methods. Companies are trying hard to make it possible. Knock Knock, it’s a drone on your service.

  1. Quantum Computing

When the first computer was created, it was so bulky and slow. In the 21st century, many of us own a computer which is quick and portable. The upcoming generation is going to call our computers slow and heavy because quantum computing is rising very quickly.

Quantum computers are different from all the normal computers which we see today. They use complex scientific techniques to make them quick and less power eating machines. We can say that it is just a matter of time when we see these high-speed computers.

  1. Intelligent operating systems

Artificial intelligence is making our devices smart. Operating systems are programmed to work according to the user command. But they are dumb to understand any extraordinary command. To make it possible to understand the user intelligently, various smart technologies are being implemented in operating systems.

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