5 Website Development Technologies You Should Know In 2020

Website Development Technologies

The web development market is growing day by day and with the introduction of new technology the market is getting competitive. There are around 2 billion websites registered on the internet and more than 2.5 billion active users are there. The opportunities in this field are uncountable and with each new technology, there is a new boom in the market. If in 2020 you have to cope up with the trend and be in the competition you have to follow the technology trend that will attract a maximum number of users to your website. The following are the technologies you should know about before starting your website business.

1. Machine learning and artificial intelligence – the concept of AI makes your business future proof because a maximum number of upcoming technologies will be based on machine learning and AI. At the different levels in the website development, the need for Artificial intelligence will be increased. The big technology backed companies are powered by artificial intelligence.

2. Browser extensions development- the browser extension helps your business to grow in a positive direction and enhances the efficiency of your business. The most used browser Google Chrome is powered by the extra plug-in and in the term, these extensions provide additional functionalities in your browser.

3. The concept of RAIL- Response animation Idle Load – the users usually expect a load time on the website page within 3 seconds, with the Response animation Idle Load concept the lead page time will be decreased to 1 second. The idea behind such technology is to provide the user with a better user experience. In the competitive environment, this little detailing in the technical matters and can help your website to grow immensely.

4. Chat boat integration – companies lose millions of dollars every year to better online support by employing individual personals to redress the grievances of the customers online. With the chat boat Technology Company can save millions of dollars. Chat boat is an AI-based technology that provides 24/7 online support to the business and is cost-effective. Most of the companies have adopted chat boats to provide online support.

5. Internet of things- the concept of the internet of things is not new but the term makes various extensions in technology. The different devices used in our daily day to day life are powered by the internet and at many levels, the website support is also important. The internet of things will change the future forever.

The internet-based companies now days are working on the research and development in the industry. The increasing number of internet users and new technology are the new opportunities that can give competitive advantages to the business. The above-mentioned technologies are now in use in different industries but a maximum number of companies have not adopted these technologies, so this can be a good opportunity to make you ahead in this competitive environment. The future of website development solely depends on the everyday discovery that is applicable in the industry.

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