5 Vital Elements that your Website is Missing

Many websites instead of being built on the best CMs and designed well by professionals are losing their traffic. One of the major reasons that we as the web development company in India have found in several websites is “missing elements”. These elements are very significant but are often overlooked. So, Here we are sharing with you’re the 5 vital elements that your website is probably missing:

1. Contact information

That’s one of the most crucial things to miss out on your website. The homepage of the website is where you have to place the contact information and it should be easily accessible as well. Also, it’s not just the homepage that should have the section dedicated to “contact us” information, but a whole web page as well. It is quite significant as well. Imagine how people would feel when they visit your website and look for ways to reach you only to find that the necessary information is missing. It surely counted as not a “good start”.

2. “About Us” page

You might think that this is not something people look over while visiting the website. But this might come to you as little surprise to you that people do a good read of these pages on the websites. These give the visitors and potential customers a snippet of your business, your values, your experience, your USP, etc. This page is usually for informing the visitors about your brand, thus helps in connecting with your brand on a personal level.

3. Call to action

With a great about us page and contact information, there is a need of “call to action” as well for generating the leads. In simple terms, the page is dedicated to collect information about the visitors. You can exchange some relevant information of their use in return. For instance, it can be an offer to download an eBook or any other exciting offer. It gives the brand the opportunity to connect with them further as well. If you haven’t already had this page on your website, you are missing on some great opportunities to generate traffic to your site.

4. Different social media plug-ins

If your business is not present on social media, then not only you’re driving the traffic off your website but also missing the golden opportunity of generating leads through these platforms. Also, it doesn’t mean that you have to be present on every single social media platform. It’s one of the smartest ways to let your users have the access of one portal or more. It can be the twitter account or your Instagram page or facebook page or account. If you’re not already on these social media platforms, now is a good time to mark your presence. Believe us, you will be surprised to see the results for real.

5. Testimonials from clients

It’s not just about you bragging about your products and services that direct the visitors to turn into customers. Their buying decision is largely influenced by the reviews or the testimonials of the previous or current consumers. They want to ensure that you’re delivering the value you quoted and that the consumers are satisfied and content with your products and services.

These are the summoned up the list of 5 things that if your website is missing, it’s high time to redesign it. You can hire the professional web design company in India for redesigning and designing your website.

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