5 Tips For Developing And Designing Your Financial Service Websites

Before proceeding with designing your financial service website, it is essential to know where and how to commence it. As the leading web development company in India offering the best services for the business houses in the industry, we are stating a few tips that will help you in developing and designing your financial service websites. Here it goes

1. A simple layout

For the financial genre, one of the many things to keep in mind while website designing is keeping the layout simple. It can be as elementary as a website landing page with a form wherein a customer can fill the details to get a customized solution. Although it’s very basic it does work for certain types of websites. But if you offer a wide range of financial services, you need to add a bit more to entice the visitors.

A minimalistic design like a plain background or adding the color of brand can attract the consumers and at the same time it still integrates professionalism with the company’s intent.

2. A mobile-friendly site

As per the latest studies and surveys, it is clear that more than half of the web users access websites via mobile devices. Hence a responsive website is no longer a “qualitative feature” that you work on, but a necessity to survive as stakes are very high. If your website isn’t responsive, you are loosing on a whole lot of potential leads for your business as they will leave your website and eventually turn to your competitors for their solutions. Moreover, it’s an important metric that determines your web ranking which you surely don’t want to make it any less than that top 10.

3. Strong CTAs

CTAs or CALL TO ACTION as they are called are becoming very significant for business websites irrespective of their sector or business nature. A strong CTA with a unique proposition is equivalent to a whole paragraph of content persuading your consumers to choose you or your brand to render their needs. Make it easy and quick, for both you and your targeted audience. But as substantial as the content of CTA, its location is no less vital. It is equally important as only when it is highly visible, you can make the most of it.

4. Guided navigation

You don’t need a lot of pages for your financial websites as the current era is oriented to a single page website but navigation hasn’t lost its value to date. it will guide the customers in locating the things on your website and you can also direct them in landing on substantial pages without any hassle. Well-Directed and interactive navigation will make your website user-friendly. 

5. Guides/ tutorials/FAQs

As someone dealing in the financial sector, you are versed with every bit of the industry which you can use for your users’ advantage. Add a section of tutorials that could be via videos, infographics or FAQs that can help your visitors find something relevant and informative. This also makes the website more interactive and can elevate the trust factor in you. This will also reduce your bounce rate.

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