5 Essential Web Design Elements of a Website on WordPress

Serving in the industry for so long, we as the leading web development company in India understands one thing – every trend in the digital framework is somewhere influence with the drive to deliver “user-friendly experience”. Be it the rankings by Google to the websites who deliver relevantly and quality content to their customers or the new added techniques in web development to make web access easier, everything leads to the same destination.

One path that eventually leads is web design and other significant elements related to it. Here we are discussing 5 essential elements to consider substantially while designing a website on WordPress

1. Banner for the home page:

As an eminent web development company in India, we are very much versed with the significance of a banner on a home page. The homepage of the website is very vital and is the best portrayal of your brand. And there is no better presentation of a brand than a banner that should be the “leading crown” of the Home page. You can include the image or the video that inform the visitors about who you are and what value you offer to them. It looks visually alluring too.

2.Guided Navigation:

It forms one of the most crucial elements that is overlooked by many top web designers as well. Poor navigation can make all your development and designing efforts go in vain. If a user is unable to navigate through the website easily, he or she will immediately leave it. Visitors are going to judge the products and services with something as elementary as this. So as the top web design company in India we target to have simple and intuitive navigation for delivering the visitors with a user-friendly experience.

3.Functional and responsive Layout:

A functional layout that entices eyes as well is not the only thing you need for a well-designed website. As per the trends, every website needs to be responsive. Hence responsive layout is one of the many things that are quintessential for a well-developed website by web development company in India. There are many tools that are available on WordPress that helps in developing a modular and mobile friendly. Some of the popular page builders are Divi, Gutenberg, Elementor and any more. Google even rewards the websites that are mobile friendly. It has become of the important elements in delivering the users ease to access and a user-friendly experience.

4.Contact form:

As the best web design company in India, we suggest our clienteles have one of the contact forms. These forms provide the users with the convenient means to interact with you. There are many WordPress plugins that help you in building and improvising the web forms. You can take professional assistance as well.

5.Media files

There is no doubt that a content which includes images, videos in between text drives more attention than text-only content. The engagement rates of the former also surpass the latter. These mediweb development company in india, web development outsourcing company, offshore web development services,Outsource web development India ,web development services india, web design company in india, website designing company in india, outsource web design company, outsource web design work, Outsource web design India, web design services in indiaa elements play an important role in web design and development. Hence you should be very considerate of this element and can use this as your potent tool to communicate your message smartly.

2 Thoughts to “5 Essential Web Design Elements of a Website on WordPress”

  1. Amrinder Singh

    Thank you for sharing the valuable and important information regarding essential web elements while designing a website on a WordPress.

  2. Merion Rebeca

    Hey Damies,
    Thank for sharing tips on the elements of web design of a website for WordPress.

    Here are some tips I would like to add-
    1. Easy navigation
    2. Visual representation of products/services
    3. Mobile friendly
    4. Useful content
    5. Detail product information.

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