5 Digital Marketing Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Digital Marketing

Now a day’s any kind of business online or offline most of the focus is on the digital marketing of the product and services. Most of the offline business went online and according to time, they transformed themselves according to the online customer base. Digital marketing is one of the important and most focused aspects of the business and there are many misconceptions that ruined a business house. There are many do’s and don’ts that need to be followed in digital marketing in order to avoid misconceptions. Digital marketing is the most talked about topic in the present era and there are many people that give advice, lectures, information which is not correct and in brief, they can be called myths. Here are digital marketing myths that you should be careful in order to sustain for a long time in the business.

1. If you have more content on your website, you will rank better- it is an important thing to note that Google favors those websites which pump more and regular content on the website. But there will be no denying that in order to sustain for a long period quality is more important than quantity. If the algorithm of Google is so advanced that it tracks customer engagement and if it is not satisfactory you will have poor rankings.

2. Google is only a useful search engine – there is no denying that Google is the leading search engine and most of the search engine is done over there. It is important to check out other search engines also where Bing is the most underrated search engine. It is observed that each month 12 billion searches are made on the Bing and it can be noted that there are extra 12 billion people out there who are potential customers and looking for your services.

3. Once you rank on top your job is done- it is the biggest misconception that if your website ranks top on the SEO your job can not be done. But now you have a new job to sustain in that place by doing necessary SEO practices. There will always be someone behind to take your position and it will be your duty to maintain at that spot.

4. SEO is a thing that can be done overnight- it is noted that for most people SEO is a job that can be performed overnight with money. It is totally false and for a business to rank on top there are a number of actions to be performed in s SEO process which takes place throughout the period of 4 to 6 months.

5. A one marketing channel should be the focus – it will be a big mistake for a business that does not want to diversify its marketing channel. The probabilities of finding a potential customer on different channels are very high more than focusing only on one channel. It will be advisable to target more audience from different channels.

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