Point to Consider While Choosing WordPress Plugins for Website

A WordPress plug-in can either enhance the functionality of the website or can even damage in a variety of ways. Not only that if you have installed a wrong plug-in, but it can even create security risks and even complicate the whole interface. WordPress plug-ins can be utilized to improve the functional attributes of the website for delivering a more user-friendly experience. Therefore it is essential to give a thorough vet before installing each plug-in. As the leading web developer, we have picked up four important things to keep in mind while making your decision on installing any plug-in. Here it goes:

Make your decision based on Plug-ins Ratings by users.

While choosing the product to buy, we often check the ratings and reviews. You can do the same for the WordPress plug-in as well. In the WordPress Plug-in repository, there is a clear description of the plug-in along with its ratings in the description tab. You can see it from there And easily check out on ratings. From one to five stars, these plug-ins are ranked by the users. Choose the best with the five stars or you can extend it with something that has an average of four stars. Anything less than that might not be something good for your website.

Make your decision based on user reviews

Along with ratings, user reviews give an extended context for plug-ins. You don’t have to read all of it, just give a good read to a handful of latest reviews. You can come across reviews that will highlight the pros and cons of the plug-ins. They will tell you about how the functionality of the website is affected after the installation of the website. If the website functionality is lowered down post-installation, you obviously don’t want that.

Make your decision based on active installations

This is again an important thing that will help you in choosing the best plug-ins. In the description tab of the WordPress plug-in repository, you can easily check the number of active installation of the plug-in. There is no doubt that if the number of the active installation is good, them plug-ins is doing a fair job and is used by many.

But don’t just rush-in the things with the highest number of installations, as the new plug-ins have to start somewhere.

Make your decisions based on Updates and compatibility

In the digital world, regular updates are key. So if the plug-ins are not regularly updated by the developers, then it is less likely to be secure. Not only that with the consistent update of WordPress, but the plug-ins should also be updated as well. This update is to ensure the compatibility with the updated WordPress Software. The regular updates and the compatibility also depicts the active involvement of the plug-in developer. Updates and compatibility go hand in hand in context to WordPress plugins. Hence pay close attention to both of them. Compatibility is an important aspect as updates may enhance the existing functioning of the website or crash it completely.

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