4 Significant Things to Consider Before Choosing WordPress Themes

Believe it or not, as a leading web development company in India, our surprising amount of work goes into selecting the right WordPress theme for the websites. Some web developers go with the default theme that is already installed with WordPress which is not apt. If you really care about the website and want to deliver value through your work, you have to put a thought in every action.

From choosing the best web development company in India for your website development and designing to choosing the right theme for an existing site or for a site that is building from the scratch, every step is crucial.

So today, this post is dedicated to discussing things that should be taken into consideration while choosing the themes.

1. Does the theme affect the user experience positively?

One of the most important things to consider is the effects of the theme on user experience. Even with the most beautiful site in the world, if your site fails to deliver a user-friendly experience, it’s of no worth. For user experience, consider two significant things which are functionality and visual appeal. While the latter is for enticing, the former is for engaging traffic. Make sure your theme serves both.

2. Does the theme reflect the brand image?

As the best web design company in India, we always say that every bit of your website is a direct reflection of the brand. Then here we are talking about the whole theme for the WordPress site. The website is your representative in the online world and hence it should reflect the true values, look and feel of the brand. Your visitors should feel the “aura” of the niche with your website. For instance, with a brand that deals in cosmetics, colours that pop out are bold is the right colour for the theme. Pastel shades might be soothing but don’t go with the feel of the brand.

3. Is the theme SEO friendly or not?

SEO has become quite significant over the last few years. Top business houses are investing a lot in the development of SEO friendly websites and over SEO tactics for digital marketing. There is no doubt that you need a theme that should be SEO friendly. From the page speed to responsiveness, make sure your theme is optimised as per different standards of SEO. Also, design trends update over time, so you have to ensure to update the theme as well to make it look more fresh and appealing.

4. What type of content you will be putting into this theme?

Another vital thing to take into consideration is the kind of content you will be putting into the theme. For instance, are you building a web page for an e-commerce site? Or are you building a page for a portfolio site that displays all the photos of the work? Like the niche, the theme also varies and you should choose the theme. Different themes have different features and plugins that can be well utilised. So you have to decide in accordance with it.

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