4 Best Fonts for your Web Pages

You probably are aware of the vitality of content. But even the best quality and relevancy of content is greatly affected by the font of the content. Yes, if the users aren’t able to read the content well, it is of no use. Therefore the font of the web page is very significant.

There is no doubt that sticking to the standard set of fonts will only help you in the long run. The reason being, the web pages readability by different users won’t be hindered. Personalized fonts might create some problem in the legibility and even in the browsing.

Therefore, sticking to standard fonts will help you in many ways. The high-quality content is futile if it’s backed by the inappropriate font that makes it difficult for the users to read and retrieve. Therefore as the leading web development company in India, we have listed four fonts that are ideal for your web page. Here is the list of all the four fonts and their features which makes them ideal for web pages:

1. Trebuchet

This is one of the most elegant typefaces. This font is ideal for websites that maintain a very sophisticated and minimalist look. This is quite an ideal font when it comes to websites which are solely dependent upon the look of the typography. Although one thing to keep in mind is that this is suitable only for the textual content and you can’t rely on it for titles. The reason is that the large font doesn’t look well as for this font type.

2. Verdana

This is one of the most popular fonts and is one of the top choices by the best web development company in India as well. Of all the different fonts available, this is counted amongst the most readable fonts on the web. It’s soft along with clear-cut look makes it the ideal choice when it comes to web pages. Although this is used for textual content and the ideal choice varies from 10 to 11 pt. This font is not suitable for big sized text content like titles and headings.

3. Georgia

This is quite the favorite of many web design company of India. This is quite ideal for any type of textual content and even for titles. It goes well with the add-ons as well like it looks good even in Italics and in bold. Although it is suggested to be considerate about the line spacing as with inadequate line spacing, the legibility is affected on a greater extent.

4. Century Gothic

This font is famed for its uniqueness and atypical style. But one thing about which you need to be very considerate about is the size of the font. The font size should not be less than 12 and should not exceed 20. In the former case, it is not readable and for the latter, it starts losing its quality which affects the readability.

These fonts are famed for their best typography and will help in ascending the visual appearance of the web pages.

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