3 Things to Remember During font Selection for Web Pages

Font selection is an important part of website development and designing. As the leading website developers and designers in India, we are very particular when it comes to choosing the fonts for the web pages. While planning the graphical layout, you think that certain typeface will go along with it but when you do it for real, it turns out exactly opposite. There are certain things that you need to consider and keep in mind while choosing the font for your web pages.

1. Fonts for different types of content

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose different typeface when it comes to different styles of content. Like you can go for one typeface for headings, a different one for the content body and a totally different for navigation or call to action as well.

Though as the web design company in India, we would suggest to not choose more than 3 typefaces as it is not a wise decision when we take it in a design perspective. If you take more than 3 typefaces, then the website will look more cluttered and chaotic.

For emphasizing on certain portions of texts, you can go for using weights like “bold”, “italics” or even “underline”. They are very ideal to switch up the look of your textual content.

Also, the more fonts you use other than the standard ones, page speed gets affected directly. Other than the standard ones, other fonts might lower your page speed. And you know how significant page speed is as that has a direct impact on traffic engagement rates.

2. Choose the font as per your niche

Choosing a font is no different than choosing the dress for any occasion. You have to take the middle road as you want it to be all comfortable and appropriate along with stylized and expressive. Similarly, as the best web design company in India, you should choose the font that looks stylized and serves as the ideal font that is legible as well.

Also like you choose the dress based on occasion, you have to choose the font based on your niche. For instance, for a business website, you need more of a sophisticated font and for the other websites, you can go for casual and quirky typefaces as well.

3. Don’t overlook the readability

Even the best of content is of no use if is not readable by the visitors. The first and foremost thing you need is to ensure that the font you choose is readable. Like, for the headings and the titles which are very significant, you can’t just choose a thin font or anything that is very decorative. Titles should be presented in a very clear and elegant font. For these, san serif fonts are ideal. In fact, Arial is one of the top choices when it comes to choosing the font for titles and headings by the best web development company in India.

Also, readability is affected by the size of the font as well. For the general body you can choose any size from the range 12 pt to 18 pt and headings obviously need to exceed this limit.

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