3 Best Visual Editor & Page Builder Plug-ins for Content Enhancement

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS which has made the content creation elementary fro its users. With its easy to use editor interface, users can easily create the visual content owing to its featured plug-ins. With few mouse click, it even allows the HTML edit as well. The good thing is with the aid of this visual editor, you can easily get the glimpse of how your content will look like. It allows you to add images, text along with creating a featured header and footer and allow to add a lot of things. So for this post, we have shortlisted the best visual editor and page builder plug-ins:

  • WP Edit

This is one of the most popular editor plugins that add a whole deck of buttons to the editor and make formatting a lot easier. Also, the editor has some other substantial features that makes it the best plug-in for a quality addition to your web content.

This plugin is famed for its features like the simple addition of media clips, images and even Youtube videos along with simple shortcodes. These shortcodes can easily be used for the content organisation as well that includes adding content columns including magazine or newsletter.

With the aid of the graphical interface, WP Edit also allows you to create tables along with adjusting the background color and border of the table’s cells.

  • TinyMCE Advanced

This is one of the most popular WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor plug-in. With some really exceptional features that help in improving the functionality of the already built-in editor, this plug-in is famed for improving the visual impact of the web content.

Another best thing about this editor plugin is the customization extent it provides with. The users can arrange, add or even delete the features buttons on it the toolbar. The plugin is used by many web developers as well as you can easily configure up to the first four rows of the button including font type, size and background color. The plugin can also help in enhancing content owing to its features that allow the creation and editing tables. The plugin has some other substantial features as well that makes it one of the most suggested plugin to enhance WordPress content by the best web development company in India.

  • Zedity

This plugin is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a plug-in to enhance the visual content. It is a free plug-in but its premium version is available as well. The good thing is this works both ways as it is a content builder and the editor as well. It helps you in creating the post that looks like designed by professionals without having any professional know-how of HTML or CSS.

Zedity editor allows the easy drag, drop and resize images, videos along with text boxes. The editor also allows the easy addition of content layers like you can easily have text over the images. Not only that, but this editor also enables the users to embed the music into the web page.

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