Bling in rings!

Bling in rings!

Rings are the perfect trinket for the people who are fond of the jewellery that introduces them. Rings can be the perfect piece of jewellery that can a make a statement. They can add the look of rock or chic or elegance or beauty or grace. A ring is potent enough to change the way you look. It can add confidence and make you feel beautiful.

In past, there were various beliefs regarding rings and different people had different perspectives. A Plain gold ring was considered as the symbol of power and authority. It was believed that ring protects the wearer of the ring from evil. Also, some cultures believed that rings can captivate happiness and romantic feelings. Rings were looked upon as protection from envious people too. Rings were passed as a legacy in old times and the rings which were passed through more number of generation were believed to have strong energy.

Rings are worn for various purposes. Today when everything is modern, even the rings are designed in a way that they fulfil the purpose and also look great with any outfits. There are various types of rings which can look great and jazz up your look!

Engagement Rings

Since the beginning, rings are the only trinkets which are also worn as a symbol of engagement or marriage. There is a myth that engagement rings can be worn just on the just third finger but the myth is false and people prefer wearing rings on different fingers. That’s why there has been a wide range of designs in engagement rings. Something so special and important as engagement rings must be designed in a way that it makes heads turn and also meet the requirements of the wearer.

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are rings that make a statement and makes a noise wherever you go. They are usually oversized with a big stone or diamond surrounded by tiny adornments. Cocktail rings usually go with party dresses as the name suggests. They were worn back in 50’ and 60’s in parties. These rings look quite gaudy and are loud rings that do not fail to steal glances. Cocktail tings are back in trend and people are preferring it with a touch of modern. These rings are worn by celebrities and they are super impressed with apt outfits.

Birthstones rings

Birthstone rings are worn by people in accordance to the correlation of their birth month. Different months have different birthstones. There are existing beliefs that birthstone are a symbol of a specific birth sign and that these stones empower that sign. These rings are also believed to cure the illness, protects the wearer from evil and brings good luck. Also, people go for birthstone engagement rings and they make a great accessory too.

Eternity ring

The idea of presenting eternity rings was to convey the eternal love of a husband for her wife. Eternity rings are usually a band engraved with diamonds. These rings make a great gift for your loved one on the occasion of anniversaries. These rings can also be engraved or customised using other gemstones.

Fashion rings

Fashion rings are the real rock stars these days. There are numerous types of fashion rings including minimalist rings, bands, statement rings, mid finger rings, stackable rings, triple finger rings, geometrically shaped rings, etc. These rings can rock every look and enhance any outfit that a woman puts on. You can always decide the type of ring you want to put on and steal the glances. Fashion rings are not usually made of pure gold or silver. But they can always make you feel beautiful and confident.

May it be any type of ring, pair it aptly and show them the glances of your vogue.

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