Best Way To Explore Gujarat

Best Way To Explore Gujarat

Situated on the western most tip of our country, Gujarat seldom fails to amaze its visitors. One amongst those states which have made a mark as the most favored travel destinations; Gujarat has held on to the roots of a tattered history as well as a promising present, abounding in resources and opportunities. Well, it is however pertinent to know the little nitty-gritty that will make the trip to Gujarat a cherished event. The following are the list of places and activities that are not to be missed while exploring the land of the Mahatma. Read more about 4-star hotels in Ahmedabad that offers wonderful stay.

Best Time to Visit Gujarat

As told, Gujarat occupies the western part of the country, and therefore, it experiences a hot summer. Though a Gujarat Trip may be undertaken even during summers, the desert areas cannot be covered during this time. Ideally, a span of 6 months beginning from October to March is the most ideal time to step into Gujarat. This is the time when several occasions, festivities, fairs are organized in many places, and also the temperatures in the desert areas are no longer scorching. It should be made a point to visit the Gujarat deserts for they present to you a beautiful experience, especially the moonlit sands with a mild breeze around.

List of Places and their Specialities

One can undertake a pilgrimage tour or a beach tour, a forest tour, a historical tour et al. depending on the span of the tour. However, to have a little of everything on the list is definitely more promising. That will fulfil the purpose of viewing Gujarat in its true hues and leaving back a trailing charm of setting foot on one of the most bountiful places. Let’s take a look:

Desert Delight: The Great Rann of Kutch

A venue for several Bollywood flicks, the Runn of Kutch is simply a place of bewilderment. A safari on the camel amidst the sands on a full moon night is simply a class apart. Another occasion to experience is the Rann Utsav organized in December, annually. A glimpse of authentic Gujrat handicrafts, a stay at the mud huts are what you get. Lakhpat Fort offers a panoramic view of Rann. A convenient way to go there is via Bhuj.

An Eye in the Wild: Sasan Gir

The only abode of the Asiatic Lion is the Gir National Park. Since 1965, post its establishment, it has been conserving one of the most threatened species of lions. For the wild loving travellers, a visit to Gir may be conveniently arranged from Junagarh. Owing to the extraordinary demand to view these lions, there are several lion safari camps that shoulder the responsibility to provide a slice of the wild, keeping up the safety and security of the visitors. There are also hot springs near Gir National Park wherein the travellers may take a dip or two.

Godliness In Gujarat Dwarkadhish Temple

Gujarat is a land of religion and faith. History depicts the establishment of myriad temples, shrines and mausoleums that were built on this land. Some of the noteworthy ones are the Somnath Temple, Dwarkadheesh Temple, Jain Temples, Buddhist Caves, Jyotirlingas, Jama Masjid and the like. The relevance of each of these pilgrimages is unique to the faith of the followers. Some of these temples have stood the test of time against many foreign invasions. Hence, paying a visit in any or all of the places is sure to enrich one’s knowledge of legends and tales.

A Rear View of Gujarat: Historical Monuments Laxmi Vilas Palace

There are many places of historical relevance in Gujarat. Almost all the major cities have some relics and edifices from the past. Sabarmati Ashram and the Shaking Minarets of Ahmedabad. Jamsaheb Palace in Jamnagar. Vadodara’s Laxmi Vilas Palace. The Gandhi Memorial and The Town Hall in Bhavnagar. The Stepwells of Patan. These are just a handful of places of interest and historical relevance in Gujarat. There are more to explore in the state.

The above is a guide regarding the places in Gujarat which are worth a visit when in Gujarat. However, a Gujarat Trip Itinerary comes in handy in order to plan out a hassle-free trip consisting of the number of days, locales, hotels, restaurants, shopping areas etc.

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