Best Roof Options You Can Have – 6 Roofing Materials

Best Roof Options You Can Have – 6 Roofing Materials

Either it is about bugs, mice, insects or birds every homeowner dreads the idea of pests. It is a nuisance to deal with pests. A very common insect pest of American households is “ant”.

Ants are the eusocial insects living in huge colonies and able to live in nearly all kinds of habitat. Thus, you may find them lurking in the bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and gardens (in case they found a way in). It takes only few small chunks of food or spilled juice to attract these crawling creatures into your home. In case the infestation is getting out of your hands, call for the best pest control companies in Longmont CO.

It is crucial to deal with your first observation of indoor ants seriously due to the following reasons.

Observing some ants on your property is an indication of a nearby colony as they do not live alone.
An ant queen can lay nearly 800 eggs per day in favorable conditions.
They leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to come and live in your home.
Ants are potential disease carriers from unhygienic parts of your home to the cleaner ones.

Now that it is evident that it’s important to nip the evil in the bud, let's have a look at the ant types. Not all the ants are alike. They have different preferences and treatment methods. Following are the 6 common ant types found lurking in American buildings.

1. Fire Ants

Fire arts are known for their painful stings. There are two varieties of fire ants, native and imported red fire ants. It is easy to identify the mounds of fire ants as they do not have an opening over them as the regular mounds.

2. Carpenter Ants

As the name suggests, you would find these ants in or on the wood. They nest in window sills, hollow-core doors and wall voids indoors. They do not eat wood like termites but damage it. They have smooth distinctive colonies which make them easy to spot.

3. Crazy Ants

It is easy to identify this and due to its “crazy” and neurotic movements at the disturbance. Their antennae and legs are longer in proportion to their body. They do not burrow and make mounds so it becomes quite difficult to treat them. Trust bugs control in Longmont CO to get rid of them. They are quite invasive and are known to disrupt domestic appliances and wiring.

4. Leaf Cutter Ants

Got any indoor plants? Leafcutter plants can damage the vegetation as they take the leaf parts to their nests. It is rarely found but the treatment gets tricky.

5. Ghost Ants

Their name is highly suggestive of their appearance and behavior. They are tiny white creatures suddenly appearing and disappearing. They seek moisture and sugar. The head region is dark in color while other parts of the body are translucent to white.

6. Odorous House Ants

These are the most common ants found throughout America. They are named due to the characteristic odor produced when they are crushed. They can build nests in nearly every part of the house but prefer the vicinity of hot water pipes and heaters.
When the common methods to get rid of ant infestation fail, hire nearby wildlife control companies for cleaner and safer buildings.

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