Best Practices In Ecommerce SEO

Best Practices In Ecommerce SEO

A recent statistics released by Fortune has revealed that Google and Facebook enjoy the lion’s share of the digital ad market. Hence it is an unwritten rule that search engine marketing is going to rule the ecommerce marketing strategies. Overlooking SEO will only mean you are inviting the slow death of your business. Though optimizing your e-commerce site for Google or Bing can be a lot complicated. However, the far reaching benefits of a solid SEO done by an Ecommerce SEO Expert can be highly rewarding. However, it is important to know the best practices in today’s ecommerce SRO arena.

Incorporate title tags for product pages
Most e-commerce stores go for duplicated little tags which is never a good strategy. Title tags must always be unique to the product page in order to attract he search engine. To locate the title tag for any website, you can press CTRL+U in the browser. When it can be a daunting experience to create unique title tags all the time even for products from the same manufacturer, you can solve the issue by using unique key phrases instead of keywords.

The benefits of permanent 301 redirect
The permanent 301 redirect can be useful for redirecting a page to a detour page. This is very important to permit the search engines to locate where your old content is. When a permanent redirect 301 happens, all the qualities of the redirected page including traffic value, page authority, page rank and MozRank are automatically moved to the detour page. During this process, the old page is removed from the search engine index automatically and the new one is placed there.

When failing to redirect a page for a moved content, a change in the link structure and an expired product, this approach will help avoid the search engines finding your 404 Not Found page. This will result in loss of traffic, links and ranking. Know that a 404 Not Found Page will lead to the loss of all the link equity the expired page has enjoyed. Hence SEO best practices call for redirecting your expired product URL to a similar product page or a message page that is generated dynamically.

Use right keywords to optimize category pages
Know that category pages are more important than individual pages and posts. It is therefore necessary to make them appear first in the search engine results. For example an ecommerce company selling ‘luxury phones’ must not optimize ever product page for ‘luxury phones’ in order to avoid all the product pages competing for the keyword ‘luxury mobiles’. The right approach is to optimize the individual pages and posts for the specific brands and models and then link them all to the ‘luxury mobiles’ category pages.

Find the right ecommerce SEO expert
Though it is important to know the general trends of the SEO, you cannot be an expert to find the right solutions for your SEO mission, hence the key to success in your SEO mission lies in finding the right ecommerce SEO expert to work on your SEO project and produce measurable results that will give more ROI.

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