Best Destinations to Travel in December 2018

Best Destinations to Travel in December 2018

December is one of the best times to travel in the search of fresh snow, or warmth. There is always a feeling and an idea of spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve abroad. Everybody loves a turkey, or a barbecue on the beach, and some fireworks in an exotic place. December is also an ideal month to travel to your favorite destination, as it is a holiday season in schools, and even offices offer some great number of off-days.

December - the most awaited month of every year

December not only ends the year, it also closes the chaos of shopping, festivities, and other celebrations that start from the Thanksgiving weekend. The whole world is preparing for the next year, and in doing so they want to end their current year on a high. For this reason, some people tend to party, do some shopping, enjoy their time with their families, and some prefer to travel. With everything on sale, or available in the most reasonable rates, everyone wants to benefit from it. But there is always some exception in a particular season, and in the case of December, traveling becomes quite expensive.

How to travel cheaply in December?

December is cheap and easy on every other thing than traveling. As people travel more in this season, airlines and other transportation industries spike up their fares. It is very difficult to find a reasonably priced airfare in this loot, but it is not impossible. There are different travel agencies and aggregators that can offer you a platform to compare cheap flights for your own suitability and convenience. Always try them and book your tickets by taking their services. You may end up getting a good discount travel package in which you can get a reasonably priced air ticket, accommodation, and local transportation. So choose wisely and save even in this month of crazy traveling expenses.

Why December?

December is the month of enchantments. It is when fresh snow can be seen on rooftops and mountain peaks, and this provides the perfect setting for ice-skating, skiing, snowball fighting and other social activities. Even if you don’t like winters, you can always head to a tropical beach in the Southern Hemisphere destination and enjoy the warmth of the sun and white sand.

So no matter what you like, you are always in for a treat in this month. Following are some of the best destinations to travel in December. We hope you find a good place that suits you, and you enjoy your time. No matter you are traveling alone, with your family, friends, loved one, or anyone else; we guarantee you will enjoy your time.


Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean. It has some of the best beaches in the world. If you want to spend your December with your family or loved one, this is the ideal place to fly to and spend your time. Jamaica hosts hundreds of parties and Christmas services, and you are always welcome to take part in them. So place this beautiful tropical country on your bucket list and visit it in this upcoming December.


Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. We recommend you to visit this lush green peaceful city for your trip with family and friends, as it has many beautiful beaches in and around the city. You can also take a ferry ride, do some trekking in the woods and see some wildlife and a waterfall. It is a perfect place for some adventure and family time.


This superlative city needs no introduction. It has the tallest skyscraper, biggest shopping mall, biggest indoor ski and ice-rink, biggest man-made island, biggest hotel, and much more. It also offers some of the best beaches to everyone. So why not Dubai as the destination of your December trip?


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Although it is quite cold in December, this city doesn’t disappoint anyone in its snow-white attire. Winters are quite extreme but truly magical in Copenhagen. The Tivoli Gardens are absolutely enchanted in the snow. Other places are also very colorful even in the snow. So if you can take some cold, do visit Copenhagen in December for a completely different experience.


Goa is a coastal city in India, and it is famous for its beautiful beaches. Spending your December night in Goa is always special as there are plenty of beach parties to attend to. There are also some churches, so if you want to attend a service on the Eve of Christmas, feel at home.

Northern Pakistan

Northern Pakistan is emerging as the next best destination to go for an extreme adventure in winters. December is the best time to visit the northern parts of Pakistan as they have some of the best ski slopes in the world, and the best part is they are yet to be explored. The local administration hosts different skiing and skating challenges each year, so if you plan to visit it, you need to stay in touch with them.


Thailand has hundreds of islands and beaches. They host some of the best parties on white sand for everyone who is in search of some enjoyment. They also manage some great fireworks on New Year Eve, so it should be a potential destination for December 2018.


Hawaii is the heaven for people who love surfing in the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean. There are great beaches for all sun seekers, as well as different trails for trail biking, trekking, and exploring wildlife. It is a dream destination for the majority of the people. So when are you headed to Hawaii?

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