Best Bicycles if You Live by the Beach

Best Bicycles if You Live by the Beach

Get ready to enjoy a ride to the beach or cruise across the sand with the best bicycles for beach side living. From rugged fat tire bikes to comfortably, classy Dutch style bikes, explore the best options for your travel style. Don’t let the wrong style of bike hold you back.

Beach Cruisers

A beach cruiser is a great option for leisurely rides along the beach. This upright bicycle style is similar to a hybrid, but is typically only a single speed or three speed bike. Pick up a beach cruiser to balance casual riding on the beach with practical commuting power as you make your way to your destination.

There’s a reason that most cruisers are referred to as beach cruisers. Few other bikes are as iconic and convenient for a casual ride down the pier or across an ocean-side bike trail. You won’t be winning any races against a city bike, but you’ll enjoy a unique vantage point to soak in the sun.

Hybrid Bikes

One of the most versatile types of bicycle, hybrids perform well in nearly any riding situation. While you may not have the most aerodynamic ride for a race, you can still clip along at a fair pace. Look for hybrid bikes with wider tires and plenty of low-gear settings if you’re looking to ride on the sand.

Hybrid bicycles usually offer more speed selections than a beach cruiser, but aren’t as rugged as a fat tire or mountain bike. The best hybrid bikes are comfortable and offer great traction in a range of situations.

Fat Tire Bikes

Heavy-duty tires, a solid frame and wide tread patterns make fat tire bikes ideal for riding on the beach. If you’re just a few blocks away from the sand and surf and need a ride to cruise calmly down the coast, a fat tire bike is for you.

Of course, these rugged bikes will give you a workout if you’re commuting through town on your way to the beach. This option is better suited to actually traveling on the beach, rather than traveling to the beach.

Dutch Bicycles

Dutch bicycles are a balance between city bikes and cruisers. The lightweight design makes it an ideal option for city commutes, but these bikes commonly come with less gears and a more upright sitting position. They are a versatile option that offers some of the same features as hybrid bikes.

A Dutch bike usually comes with a few unique features. A chain cover protects your chain from mud and rain, while the coaster brakes on the rear wheel come right out of your childhood. A Dutch bike is a unique alternative to a cruiser bike, but it may not have the wide tires you need for cruising on the beach.

Prepare for a Unique Riding Experience

Compare these and other great bicycle styles online. Shop for the best cruiser bikes or check out the latest flat tire options to make your way to the nearest beach. Enjoy the sounds and smells of the surf from the comfort of your new, stylish ride.

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