Benefits of Using HelpCrunch for Startups

Benefits of Using HelpCrunch for Startups

If you are a startup and operating within some budget lines, this is an affordable alternative for intercom. With the use of HelpCrunch, you can enjoy a fully-featured solution. It is not only known for its cost effectiveness but also for offering timely solutions to all businesses despite the size.

The platform has more functionalities such as calculation of PAYE registration threshold. It also assists in the generation of more leads, boosting sales and provision of customer support at subsidized rates. HelpCrunch has been identified as a perfect alternative for startups. Below are some specified benefits that traders enjoy through the use of this podium.

Accounting Functions

Bookkeeping has not been left out in the help crunch. Bearing in mind that technology has transformed every business function to online operational. HelpCrunch offers online accounting solutions. It ensures that all records are reconciled accurately. It is set to complete the business bookkeeping at detailed timelines automatically. Helpcrunch is a solution that will work to keep your business accounts up to date.

Company Taxation

HelpCrunch has a solution for tax estimation. Hence one can project their tax payment in advance. Each trader is taxed based on the business profits made. Mostly, being the business incomes received less, expenses. Therefore, it is essential to note that these expenses are only business related. With the support of HelpCruch, you will be able to calculate the taxable amount automatically.

It is mandatory for every company to file their VAT once it begins operation. Once you place your application for registration, the HelpCrunch automatically starts calculating the VAT on any invoice raised. Note, calculating VAT using Crunch is faster and simple.

Payroll Calculation

It is a service offered by the HelpCrunch to calculate the payslips and advice for all business employees. The files set up shows default values for individual salary. It, therefore, enables you to factor in the PAYE registration threshold to ease your taxation payment.

HelpCrunch helps companies to comply with real-time information despite the method used to pay salaries. The affordable option calculates PAYE annual returns then files automatically with the HRMC. With the modern technology, service provision it is more efficient than before. These technological developments have eased the work of taxation companies.

Product integration

Helpcrunch provides deed product integration. Business owners are given the option to share tailored attributes on websites or through the HelpCrunch app. It thus enables customization of messages to specific customers. The selection depends on the criteria one has set for their business.

Enhanced Customer Service

Any startup business would succeed better in offering outstanding customer services. With the solutions provided, traders will increase customer satisfaction and expand their business. The 24/7 customer support gives companies a competitive advantage over their competitors. The use of private live chat allows startups to serve their clients from anywhere and at any time.


Setting up HelpCruch for your business is quick and straightforward. Compared to other options, this platform offers free personal support. The assistance helps you to maximize its utilization and modify it to suit your business setup.

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