Beautiful Hidden Cities And Places in Croatia You Should Visit

Beautiful Hidden Cities And Places in Croatia You Should Visit

Croatia is a popular tourist destination that is extensively endowed with exquisite sites. Every year, thrill seekers from all over the world converge in different destinations to sample the sandy beaches, exotic islands, and the scenic countryside. However, there is a lot more this beautiful country has to offer that hasn’t yet been experienced. The following are hidden gems in Croatia that you didn’t know about.


This is the only island city in Croatia to be entirely declared a Nature Park; thanks to its amazing diversity of flora and fauna that makes it the perfect natural habitat. Lastovo is the ideal destination for people who appreciate a calm and serene getaway that allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy some alone time. Great for going on treks and cycling, it offers you the chance to explore the local vineyards and almost abandoned villages as you interact with the receptive locals.


This is the easternmost region in Croatia that understandably tourists choose to overlook; only because they don’t know what they are missing. An area rich in cuisine and folklore tradition with a plethora of historical landmarks on offer. Its amazing architecture borrows from that of cities like Vienna or Budapest. The countryside offers a variety of attraction sites with a rich culture of music and traditional meat dishes like 'Cvarci’ and “Kulen”. Endless plantations of wheat and corn define the city making it the perfect rural destination.


The sixth largest Croatian island known for its thick forests and ancient Greeks earning it the name “Black Korcula”. Despite being highly treasured, Korcula doesn’t receive as many visitors as its northerly neighbors Brac and Hvar; mainly because it is further away to reach from Split. Small towns and villages dot the island making it suitable for a secluded escapade. While there, you can book a stay at luxury hotel Korčula, a classic structure which is built from ancient stone and offers a picturesque view of the sea.

Zagorje Region

This a Mediterranean destination that features amazing medieval castles and continuous hills which bring out Croatia’s Austrian-Hungarian Heritage. A few minutes drive from the capital of Zagreb, This hidden city is almost unknown to tourists.

Plitvice Lakes

This is a national park and forest reserve found in the central part of Croatia. It is an interesting destination famous for its scenic physical features defined by a chain of terraced lakes and beautiful waterfalls that cascade into limestone canyon. The topography is perfect for hiking with walkways and trails that wind around the water. You can also see the Veliki Slap, a 78-meter high wall which is in the same location as upper and lower lakes that are linked by an electric boat. Plitvice Lakes is a 2hr 20min journey from Zagreb by bus.


A beautiful island that runs along the coastline, bordering the town of Biograd. Most of its surface is covered by greenery, something that earned this place the nickname “green gem of Croatia”. It is surrounded by a crystal clear sea with a variety of small concealed pebble beaches. A short distance away from the mainland, the island can be accessed using a catamaran.

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