bamboo flooring nyc

bamboo flooring nyc

3 Myths Associated with Carpet Debunked

Carpet has been one of the most popular floor covering that has been preferred by more and more people over the years. The major reasons for its popularity are that they insulate the room, reduce noise and feel soft under the feet.

But there are some misconceptions that actually deter people from purchasing carpets. But before you take a decision based on them, it is a must that you know the real truth behind the myths.

  • Myth 1 – Carpets are very hard to maintain and they stain and wear out very easily

Fact –You just need to follow some simple steps to extend the life of the carpet and make it keep looking good for a long time. If you vacuum frequently then you can prevent the soil particles from getting below the pile where it becomes very difficult to be removed. Every 12-18 months, carpets should be cleaned in every household. The hot water extraction method usually is the most effective one and professional cleaners are able to achieve the best results.

  • Myth 2 – Allergy and Asthma sufferers should not have carpets at home

Fact –There are several studies conducted in this matter that have revealed that carpet fibres play an active role in trapping as well as immobilising the potentially allergy-causing particulates. This, in turn, usually helps people with allergies. If the allergens are in the carpet then they are not circulating in the air.

You should vacuum the carpets often in order to completely remove such particles from the inside of the house. So carpets actually help you to breathe easier. They are also able to hold certain amount of dust and soil and other substances inside. They are capable of holding the particles until you are removing them. Daily vacuuming with a good filter and hot water extraction from time to time help to remove such particles from the indoor environment completely.

  • Myth 3 –Carpets hold all types of chemicals in them

Fact –Everything holds chemical. But are we concerned about wool, polyester or nylon? If no then why are carpets a concern. Ironically most people are concerned about those fibres in carpets that we wear almost every day through clothing. There are many people who believe that carpet manufacturers use safe materials and then blast it with chemicals. But that is not at all the case.

Carpet happens to be a very simple product. There is a face yarn that commonly consist of nylon, wool, polypropylene and polyester, then there happens to be backing material like jute or polypropylene and there also happens to be glue.

The glue is the latex based for the flexibility and adheres to the face yarn to the backing. The latex used in carpets during bamboo flooring nyc happens to be synthetic latex and not the natural one. Only natural latex because of the presence of certain proteins is reported to cause allergic reactions to individuals.

The above are certain myths that you should be careful about the next time you think of purchasing carpets. They are absolutely safe and there is a reason for their immense popularity for such a long time.

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