B2B Sales Methodology- How B2b Sales Prospecting works

B2B Sales Methodology- How B2b Sales Prospecting works

Every stage in the Sales and Marketing process has hurdles, so it becomes difficult to point out anyone. Surveys show that most of the sale's time gets spent on unproductive prospecting.

It can be absolute challenging to catch the interest of B2B buyers in a marketing paradigm that has changed direction significantly in recent years, and also high competition makes it more difficult to stand alone from the crowd.

The major focus of B2B sales methodology and prospecting is to find potential prospects and attract them to try out your products or services. Most of the B2B buyers research online or scroll social media to find reasonable and appropriate solutions before making a purchase decision.

The B2B sales Prospecting Procedure

In B2B sales prospecting the most important thing to do is to research your target audience and market. You should define your Target Addressable Market ( or TAM).

Below mentioned are the steps involved in the B2B sales process:

Researching Leads

Salespersons here have to remember about the potential customers. They have to agree upon the criteria which will be attributed to a business's target.

Now, when they start finding sales qualified leads, they should know who are the target people according to their set criteria.


Discovery is the method of understanding the prospect's requirements and helping them to get the best solution through your product or service.

You can connect with these prospects through Linkedin. Like - you can see where are they commenting on? What are they sharing?

You should click on their company's website and know about their latest press release or news story. It would help if you also read the latest news about their sector.


Now, you have to make a sales call and start examining the prospect's expediency as a client. You have to evaluate that if they are good candidates to become customers.

Ask them open-ended questions and concentrate on solving their issues. You have to be sure that this is the potential customer based on your B2B sales prospecting criteria.


After understanding the problems of your potential prospect, you have to pitch your idea of sales to help them in solving their problems.

Ideally, Your pitch should last around 30 seconds. In this period, you will have to show that you have researched the prospect's company.

Nobody wants to hear you blabber about your beautiful features. Just focus on telling them about how your product or service can help them and what results they can expect.

Objection Handling

Here is a piece of advice for all the salespersons, do not cross-question your prospects, because if you do, they can hang up.

The questions asked by potential prospects can never be wrong. They must not have been aware of the right information yet.

Just listen to them and acknowledge their issues and provide an excellent solution and alternatives if possible.

Close the deal

In this B2B sales methodology process, it is the right time to initiate a great deal with your potential buyer. You have clarified the value of your product or service, dealt with their objections, and persuaded them that your solution is the best investment.

Discuss the price and provide some exciting offers and discounts if they ask for it. Also, communicate all of the critical remaining steps so that no surprising circumstances will occur in the future.

Follow Up!

Send the follow-up email to your prospect. Remember that the follow up is also an integral part of your deal and should not be overlooked. Keep it formal and include a summary of your call and essential points.


So, the potential prospect has become a great client now. But, your work is not over yet. Many times, people can encounter issues with your products or services that can harm your image. You must take feedback and provide the right solutions to them. You can also ask for a referral.

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